“High leader of al-Qaeda targeted American helikopteraanval Yemen

“High leader of al-Qaeda targeted American helikopteraanval Yemen

Photo: AFP

Al-Qaida leader Qasim al-Rimi was the target of the American helikopteraanval in late January in Yemen. It came dozens of people killed, but al-Rimi knew presumably to escape.

Representatives of the army let NBC News know that the target picking or killing of al-Rimi was. The high leader of al-Qaeda is seen as the third most dangerous terrorist in the world, after 2015 began, the Yemeni branch of the terror group to lead.

The army claims to believe that al-Rimi still still alive and in Yemen stay. Sunday brought the terroristenleider a audioboodschap to the outside where he, Donald Trump spoke. According to the representatives, it is confirmed that the message is indeed from al-Rimi is from.

It is not clear if al-Rimi also went to the place where the attack took place. The White House called the attack earlier as a success.

Among the deadly victims were fourteen terrorists of al-Qaeda, including a local leader, and his two brothers, but also citizens. When the attack died, one American soldier, and possibly the eight-year-old American Nawr al-Awlaki, the daughter of an important recruiter of al-Qaeda, who in 2011 was killed in Yemen.

‘Everything wrong’

According to a senior representative of the army went to the attack of the Navy Seals everything wrong that could go wrong. He said that previously at NBC News.

The residents of the house where the attack was directed were alarmed when the soldiers were on, possibly by a barking dog, a drone that crashed or talks on a walkie-talkie. This came as American ground troops under fire. There was one Navy Seal to life.

The firefight had in the early morning on 29 January, place in the rural district Yakla in the province of al-Bayda.

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