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A Security expert and co-founder of the Hidden Camera, app to Randy, Andrew discusses what to look for when it comes to hidden cameras in places where they will least expect it.

With the advent of the hidden cameras have helped to have a spy cam-porn-epidemic-in-South-Korea. Now a security expert reveals, “is that it is just as bad here.”

Security expert Randy Andrews has been in the video security and surveillance industry for over two decades and has an explanation of how the experts are aware of the hidden cameras that had been many years abroad, in countries such as South Korea.

“There is a whole industry created out of voyeuring on women in South Korea, it was so bad that the government has created a task force,” said Andrews. “The numbers are there, they are looking for 80-plus rooms, rest rooms, etc., etc. a day to eliminate this camera. The problem is going to be just as bad here. They are not going to go away; they’re cheap, they’re easy to get to, and they are easy to put on.”


Earlier this year, South Korean police arrested four people on suspicion of secretly filming approximately 1,600 guests in the hotel rooms and the posting of messages or a stream of images on the internet. The Korean National Police Agency said on the a mini spy camera was used in the TV-set-top-boxes, hair-dryers or electrical outlets in a total of 42 guest rooms in 30 hotels in the South of Korea.

Andrew provided some basic advice for travellers to the detection of hidden cameras.

“If there is something that looks out of place or the clock radio is pointed in a particular direction, or into the bathroom instead of the living room, to be aware of it,” says Andrews. “One of the things that you can do in order to be seen as a mirror, a camera, an object, or even use your finger to touch the mirror, and the like, there is a small gap between your finger and the reflection, which is typically a normal to the mirror. If it’s a two-way mirror, put your finger on the screen right up against your reflection.”

Andrews, made a Hidden Camera Detector (HCD) app, for the further protection of the user, based on his many years of experience. The HCD app enables users to detect hidden devices, like spy cameras and GPS tracking devices, while also on the lookout for a spy camera, Wi-fi internet access, local area network, and Bluetooth when it scans, online, in order to determine whether a person is looking with an apparatus.

“The app turns on the camera and the flash on the iPhone, and then we have an algorithm that looks at your camera’s preview, and then you have to point your camera at the object in question,” mr. Andrews said. “- And the app then looks for the reflection of this pinhole camera is in the flash on the iPhone.”

The app will let the user know if there is a camera, that provides the user with the ability to feel safe in their settings.

“We need to get the word out without having to human beings, because they are everywhere, and it is easy to set up, and they won’t break the bank,” says Andrew. “Live your life, but not in fear. And, if you are unwell, take you to the app, and scan the room.”

For more tips and insight, check out the full interview with security expert Randy Andrews is at the top.


The Associated Press contributed to this report. Emily DeCiccio, is a writer and video producer of Fox News Digital Print. Tweet her @EmilyDeCiccio

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