Here you need to pay attention to if you have a tattoo or piercing late convert

Here you need to pay attention to if you have a tattoo or piercing late convert

A sleeve, the name of your child or the infinity sign: tattoos are equally popular. The netherlands now has almost 1,200 tattooshops; almost a tripling compared to eight years ago. Also piercings continue to do well. Three experts tell you have to pay attention if you have a decoration for the body considering.

In the Netherlands various bodies, supervision on safe tattooing and piercing. The health service is provided, if a shop meets the requirements, after an inspection (by appointment only) a license.

The Dutch Food and consumer product safety Authority (NVWA) to conduct (unannounced) inspections and the national Institute for public Health and the Environment (RIVM) sets the standards.

A permit is valid for three years and is issued on behalf of the ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS). In Amsterdam loves Marty Jacobs as expert infection prevention of the public health service, together with two colleagues.


It is not uncommon for a shop with a “short verbeterlijst” to get a license is granted, says Jacobs. “I think in as much as 50 percent of the cases. A long verbeterlijst is common among new business with tattooists that for the first time to begin for himself. They are not always well-informed of the rules.”

The rules are drawn up by the RIVM. Thijs Veenstra is the coordinator of the RIVM and chairman of the standardization committee safe tattooing and permanent make-up. That commission is concerned with the preparation of European guidelines for the secure tattoos.

Doe is of the opinion that the main risks associated with tattoos in the Netherlands are well covered. “There are no signals that tattoos in the Netherlands play an important role in the spread of hepatitis B, C or hiv.”

Still, there is room for improvement, he says. “Some materials, such as the headlight fairing from which the ink is extracted, are now sterile varieties available. And that also applies to certain instruments.”

European standard

The commission, which Veenstra, sets standards in collaboration with eleven European countries. “European standards ensure that Dutch tattoo artists, according to the latest insights in the field of security. And are also positive for the Dutchman abroad a tattoo wants to convert – something that is increasingly happening and where also frequently ask about. This standard is in the whole of Europe recognized. If according to the standard are being worked on, you can expect the same in the area of safe tattooing.”

Moreover, the standards that are drawn up are not about ink, warns Doe. “The responsibility for this lies with the NVWA.”

The past few years appeared regularly in the media about tattoo ink. Some species might contain substances that could be dangerous for the health of consumers.

According to Ralph Moelker, son of Bob Moelker (better known as Bob Tattoo, the oldest tattoo artist of the Netherlands), however, there are no known cases of people who actually have become ill by tattoo ink. “In the Netherlands it is arranged properly.”


Marty Jacobs of the public health service says that it is for that matter more have to worry about the weglaseren of tattoos. “That brings only a health risk with them,” he says. “The ink of the tattoo can then get into the bloodstream.”

According to Moelker, however, there are no statistics are known in which have actually a health risk is demonstrated. “However, it is of great importance to lasik have qualified staff to perform,” said Moelker. “So we work for example with a BIG-registered skin therapist.”

With lasik is the according to Jacobs furthermore often unclear what result you receive. “It is highly dependent on your skin and the size of your tattoo. My advice would therefore be to use a different image about your tattoo around.”

Yet, everyone is allowed to have a tattoo weglaseren, although the ministry of HEALTH, welfare and sport to watch, or there will be a permit for or a certain course.


These are the most popular tattoo’s in the Netherlands


Although authorities the quantity to closely keep an eye on, there are also a number of things that the consumer himself can do to prepare for a tattoo or piercing.

Make sure the shop has a licence

On the governmental site is a tattoo, what and piercingshops have a permit. “Ask in the shop itself, make sure you also visit”, recommends Ralph Moelker. “Or call the health care provider.”

Look around in the shop itself

A shop may have a permit; it is always a good idea to with your own eyes, look around and your common sense to use. “See if you can see no weird things to stand out,” says Moelker.

“Make sure needles fresh out of the packaging to be removed, or clean gloves are used and whether those who help you first washes his hands”, advises Doe.

Get well informed about what is going to happen

Question in the studio, what exactly is going to happen and what risks you may face before you get your tattoo or piercing. “If they’re there in the studio is not enough take the time, you can you are questioning”, said Jacobs.

Demand for the nazorginstructies

According to the experts, created the greatest risk of infections, both with tattoos as piercings, just the moment you leave the studio. “The nazorginstructies are not always well observed,” says Jacobs. “Young girls who are just a navel piercing to have, want to show it and might go all the sauna or the swimming pool while the wound is still not healed.”

Giving nazorginstructies is required. “That can be on paper, but also through the website,” explains Jacobs. “Customers need to there anyway to be notified and instructions must be viewed, so that it is clear whether or not she really understand.”

“You can have a tattoo compare with an open wound and which is susceptible to infections,” says Veenstra. “In addition to that you are sick of it can be, it also happens to be your tattoo to ruin it.”

Beware of illegal thuistatoeëerders

Doe has not, the idea that the number of illegal thuistattoeëerders – that so without a permit to work – has increased in recent years. “Nevertheless, we still regularly signals that it prevents. As a consumer, you must take responsibility. You take absolutely a risk if you are this person go for treatment.”

Ask for the correct procedure in case of a hole in your ear

If you have a hole in the curve of your ear, that gepiercet be with a needle. “In cities is that usually good, because there you have many shops, but sometimes you see that in the province less expertise in that area,” says Jacobs. Keep that in themselves so well in the holes..

Don’t confuse safety with quality

The GCD of tattooists sometimes the criticism that there is not looked into what work someone delivers, but that only looks at the safety and risk of infection. “Only for this purpose we are authorized,” says Jacobs.

According to Moelker, many tattooists cocks. “They find themselves all of a Van Gogh or a Rembrandt, and are difficult to align. Some shops give a comment that a competitor has obtained a permit, while the tattoos in their eyes not to see.

“I would say: look at the portfolio of an artist if you want to find out something about his style”, advises Doe.

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