Here are the top 10 movies of 2016, according to Knack Focus

‘It must have ended with that glorious activism of those unworldly critics’, they would be able to then. But it was the reality, but as simple as that.

ROONEY MARA and CATE BLANCHETT in CAROL: what a lesbian is suffering. © GF

That there is a gap between critical and commercial hits is a given that in the meantime as old as Kirk Douglas. But never yawned so deeply as now, with blockbusters like Batman v Supermanand Suicide Squad that even our top 100 would not get if there are only 99 movies released.

More than ever, the bioscooplandschap organised in such a way that blockbusters are too big to fail has become, with multiplexes that are packed with advanced drones on doelpublieken same monsterproducties. In addition, in Belgium there is still no full-fledged alternative circuit to stadsbioscopen and film education seems to be at all a marginal understanding.


‘The public’ is not a unimorfe vleestrog, and, therefore, deserves more respect and diversity, then stuffed with popcornpulp such as ducks who will soon be christmas as foie gras finish.

Dave Mestdach

Despite the fact that artificial oversupply of McCinema were 70,000 people watching Carol. And 45,000 to Toni Erdmann, a German comedy! Of three hours! About a flabby sixties with a scheetzak! That is a meadow of Tomorrowland. Without additional krantenkatern or reality show. Just to say that ‘the public’ no unimorfe vleestrog, without preference, without any critical spirit. And, thus, more respect, and diversity is jam packed with popcornpulp such as ducks who will soon be christmas as foie gras finish. That Captain America, Dr. Strange and other pin-ups of the culture industry in 2017 there, something to do. Or even the policy-makers. The force is strong within us. Make cinema great again!

The best 10 movies of 2016, according to Knack Focus

10. A QUIET PASSION – Terence Davies (GB)

The tormented life of poet Emily Dickinson on canvas poem by filmpoëet Davies.

Read the review and the interviews with director Terence Davies and actress Cynthia Nixon.

9. ARRIVAL – Denis Villeneuve (CDN)

Denis Villeneuve does aliens the man to hold up a mirror. Close encounters of the smarter child.

Read the review and the interview with director Denis Villeneuve.

8. ELLE – Paul Verhoeven (F-EN)

A black thrillerkomedie about rape? Welcome back, king of kink Paul Verhoeven.

Read the review and the interview with Paul Verhoeven.

7. PATERSON – Jim Jarmusch (USA)

The indiekoning sings the ordinariness of existence, with a bus driver who’s blues-opposed, with poetry.

Read the review and the interview with director Jim Jarmusch.

6. NOCTURAMA – Bertrand Bonello (F)

They did it their way. Millennials put Paris in fire in Bertrand Bonello’s eerily current tienerterreurtrip.

Read the review.

5. TONI ERDMANN – Maren Ade (D)

Family drama, sitcom and antineoliberale criticism: a comedy that refuses in a scheetzak to get caught.

4. BACALAUREAT – Christian Mungiu (RO)

A smart, subtle and exciting meditation on small corruption with large implications.

3. THE NEON DEMON – Nicolas Winding Refn (DK)

A huiversprookje full of stained innocence and sexual perversions in the backdrop of the fashion world.

Read the review and the interview with director Nicolas Winding Refn.

2. THE ASSASSIN – Hou Hsiao-Hsien (T)

Gracefully twirling warriors and the fluttering robes of the imperial China. Martial arts full of silent visual poetry.

Read the review.

1. CAROL – Todd Haynes (USA)

The most beautiful romances are tragic, such as Haynes proves with this ballad about doomed damesliefde in the USA of the fifties.

Read the review and the interview with actress Cate Blanchett.

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