Her lord mayor through the streets, being dragged into restless, Bolivia

Protesters have set a Wednesday in the Bolivian village of Vinto, their mayor Patricia Chávez, with red paint smeared on her through the streets of italy. Also, cut her hair off.

According to the protesters, it is up to Chávez is to blame, that on Wednesday, two people were killed during protests against the government. The mayor was eventually handed over to the police, who left her for treatment at a local hospital and released.

It’s been a long time-restless in Bolivia, after the Bolivian president, Evo Morales, on the 20th of October, the elections could have “manipulated” in order to have a decisive round of voting on december 15, to avoid.

In the country, it is an advantage of 10 percentage points, the need for a second round of voting is to occur, or should any of the candidates, more than half of the votes are in and the wait for a tow. The first news reports after the election, showed a gap of Morales, from 8 percentage points to his opponent, Carlos Messa, and the counting of the votes for a variety of reasons, have been shut down.

A day later, it turned out Morales by more than 10 percentage points on his opponent, before smiling. The opposition has put up big question marks surrounding the counting of the votes.

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