Henkjan Smits forbade broadcast Idol-audition

Henkjan Smits forbade broadcast Idol-audition

Henkjan Smits and his fellow judges for Idols were known to be sometimes harsh, but sometimes it went too far. Smits has for that reason sometimes prohibited an audition to send out.

“Once fikte I a girl on her zangkwaliteit, and then I noticed that they are physically and mentally handicapped. When I banned that audition to transmit”, says Smits in conversation with the Varagids.

The television interviewer is the responsibility of people who participate in a program to self-protection, but there are several moments that Smits found that “the norms and values passed by”.

“When Popstars did a man and then said an editor at us: ‘This man you just need to graze it. The man told then that his wife had died, and that song especially for his children played. Really a heartbreakingly beautiful story. He sang not very good, but also not very bad. I also the recording will be stopped. I’m constantly busy within my own boundaries.”

Help-screen tv

Smits believes that tv producers are not responsible for the protection of the participants, but creators are honest about why they program produce. “To help tv you should not say that your first goal is to help people – no, your first goal is to television. (…) I believe anyway, not that the purpose of a television producer is to help people. Because then you’d just be without a camera, people are going to help. If people are to be helped, is more than bycatch.”

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