Henk Schiffmacher pleasantly surprised at some of the tattoos

Henk Schiffmacher pleasantly surprised at some of the tattoos

Henk Schiffmacher has numerous tattoos made in his life, but surprises are still talking about some of the choices of the customers.

“All I see is someone who is tattooed like a Mexican bandit, but the guy hits haven’t even put a dent into a stick of butter! If they look like a Japanese frog-like mafioso, but is not even in the sheets of film may tear. Isn’t that ridiculous?”, according to the legendary tattoo artist, in an interview with the View.

The 67-year-old Schiffmacher, not just some of the designs are weird, there is also a place where the people are possible to want to be in lessons and will often surprise him. “It used to be that only the back of the neck, or the hands are full to put in because there are no place to be anymore. Now, turn it around, and put them in for their first tattoo in their neck or on their hands.”

Schiffmacher, who, for the last time, with a variety of health problems. now, you will receive less and less customers. Also, since his eyes are worse, but also because of the current tatoeagetrends is not always the point: “you See, in the past, tattoos are still very simple to draw. And not only that, you can see right away what she wanted to say. They are of the God of love, from her, or that she has a fighting spirit were.”

“The tattoos, as of now, it is almost impossible. They pile up, but, on the other. Really, I think that is such a waste. Because of this, you can’t even see what the tattoo is, they are exactly the same.”

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