Hemorrhoids: what they are, and what you can do about it?

Each week, reply to Sign up for the Vaal (47), a general practitioner in Nijmegen, the netherlands, a common, or outstanding question on a practice. This week has been a lot of people are comfortable with the topic, what are hemorrhoids and you’re there to do something about it?

What exactly is a hemorrhoid?

“A hemorrhoid is a bulge from a vein on the inside of the anus. Just in time for the sphincter muscle, the stools are, at the end of the intestine out, there is a kind of spongy body, which prevents the penetration of water and of mucus to the outside, leaking. Due to the pressure on the anus, for example, due to pregnancy, a lot of straining, lifting heavy objects, being overweight or constipation can be blood vessels in spongy bodies to expand and, eventually, a varicose vein can be.”

What you will notice is that you’ll have a hemorrhoid problem?

“A hemorrhoid that is on the inside, is bright red, fresh blood in the stool can give it. You’ll notice that when you have bottom wiping. Sometimes it can be a hemorrhoid on the outside of your anus. You can feel a lump or a bump. It may also hurt or itch. Usually, it is because the flow of blood in hemorrhoid has been impaired.”

You have to agree to go to the doctor?

“Not always the case. Grab the first look of a mirror to see what the lump looks like. Sometimes, it is a red bump. You can put up with a little bit of petroleum jelly (vaseline) on your finger, gently pushing past the anal sphincter. Then with the blood circulation up and running again, and eventually the pain and the hemorrhoid. In some cases, he will be the first time that you have to poop outside. Then you can get him back.”

“If you’re dirty, only to find out it with your naked finger to do it, then you can use a plastic sandwich bag on your finger, do so. I think that is in any case a good idea if people are even using a mirror, to be their ‘bottom end’ look. I have noticed that a lot of people have no idea what it is like. They know it is not like there is anything to change.”

If you have to go to the doctor?

“Most of the people find it very embarrassing to be a hemorrhoid, or any other problems encountered in this area, go to the doctor. Doctors know that. Don’t worry though, doctors are finding it’s not totally weird, or bad. It is part of our job. If there is too much pain and swelling, and of course, even if you have blood in the stool you have, I would be sure to discuss it with the nurse. Especially the blood in your stool and should not be.”

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Why are you going to the toilet, always in the back and have a look

“There is a hemorrhoid with a dark blue marble that is a lot of pain. There is a clot in there. If you do not, gently you can push back because of the pain, but check with your doctor. Can trying order to let you push back, or if necessary, the clot to remove the hemorrhoid, under anesthesia, to cut open.”

“Internal hemorrhoids are usually handled by a specialized surgeon: the proctoloog. That’s today, by the way is very simple, with a small piece of elastic.”

Works in an ointment for haemorrhoids?

“No, no. Cream lit up for quite a while, the itch or the pain, but it does not fix the problem.”

So, what can you do for hemorrhoids, to prevent?

“Take care of soft stools. Drink 1.5 litres of fluid per day. Water, milk, juices, tea, coffee, and tea all count. Also, make sure to get plenty of exercise and eat a lot of fiber. That are found in whole wheat products, brown rice, corn, beans, peas, lentils, and fruits and vegetables.”

“Then, please, to go to the toilet when you need to. And some people dare to only be at home to their own toilet to poop in and keep the other on. Get off your self-conscious around them. Delay makes your bum again, harder, leaving you more to have printed. This increases the chance of painful hemorrhoids.”

Each week, reply to Sign up for the Vaal (47), a general practitioner in Nijmegen, the netherlands, a common, or outstanding question on a practice in
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