Helmut Lotti is the love for music again: “I give the people what they want’

A new album and a spot in the popular VTM-program for the Love of Music. Helmut Lotti is back, actually never left. “I make a comeback with music that people at the time to be a fan of me’, he says in This Week.


On Friday 15 september launches Helmut Lotti his new album The Comeback Album. An album that last year in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the general public was released and there has already led to a tour of forty concerts. That is the end of this month to re-start. Also Scandinavia pulls back the sleeve of the East-Flemish singer.

In our own country there is a tour that does not currently exist, but one date is already fixed: Lotti performs on november 25, in the sublimely renovated Queen elizabeth concert hall in Antwerp. With The Comeback Album will he indeed return to the formula that brought him back from the late nineties to about 2009 to one of the most successful artists of the Low Countries. Well-known songs so, in a symphonic jacket.

“I have that sound always great, but at a given moment, I found that my career no longer in his own hands. On my previous panels I wanted to see a different side of myself show. But if people are not really interested in that other side, then I pull my conclusions from. With this new album, I give the people what they want.’

Had you actually made a comeback necessary? You are here music continue to make.

HELMUT LOTTI: In the foreign certainly. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, I have since 2009, no album more released. But in Belgium it is actually quite, at least with this genre. The genre that people immediately associate with Helmut Lotti. Songs that you can play live with a big symphonic orchestra there.


You can use the dom call, or brave or experimental. Fact is that I found that I had to do.

After 2009, when I had stopped to play abroad, I wanted to all let settle. I thought I was the Flemish fans happy could make a Folk album. I am also going to tour the cultural centres. Very fun and something completely different. But the public was not to go with my concept. They would still be Helmut Lotti in costume and with orchestra.

I found My heart & my body has a very good plate, but I had that when not allowed to communicate as ” the new Helmut Lotti. It is a little like Chocolatier Goossens would announce that he was for a year only but rijsttaarten. That leads to problems. You can be that stupid, or brave or experimental. Fact is that I found that I had to do. So sorry I have not.

Now you’re back with your former success. Do you think the fans excited? You have quite a few.

LOTTI: I have a potential large audience, but we first need to see how big that is still effective. I have the fans of the “Lotti goes Classic’saga of the seven years it was not operated. Abroad, move there now of everything. I will play again soon in Scandinavia and we have contact with concertpromotoren in South Africa. Also, there are already some calls have been held with Canada. We’ll see.

I am also happy that they gave me in Germany again wanted to and not thought ‘ai, he is there again’. There is also no one come to my place. No one else is doing this, with an orchestra of 22 man well known songs to bring in eight different languages and many different genres.


My career to breathe new life into is not the reason why I yes have said against Love for music.

Are you actually awake of success? Whether or not it is successful?

LOTTI: in the Past I was a total eager beaver that is always and everywhere on the number one wanted. The financial side of the business interested me no bag, but I had one with my music. That is already over. I’ve learned me nothing is more to attract, otherwise, tap frustrated. Now, I enjoy much more than they used to. If I were in all the countries where I used to be so successful again set foot on land get, I’m already happy.

I want simply without work, because that I have experienced. Thirty concerts in cultural centres, then you have your rap ready.

You will also be participating in the new season of the VTM program for the Love of Music. However, the opportunity to use the new-old Helmut Lotti re-launch.

LOTTI: My career to breathe new life into is not the reason why I yes have said against this program. It’s just the first time that I got a phone call, otherwise I had already previously participated. I think Love for Music is currently the best music program on television. Because you covers sing in their own musical jacket, which I actually already 25 years. Also because it has no competition, and because I suspect that my colleague’s a hugely entertaining experience.

I’m also very curious which songs they are going to sing and how. It is also the ideal opportunity for Flanders to show who I am as a human being. That the people a couple of times with my own eyes, instead of about me to read in the boekskes.

It often happens that people after a conversation with me saying that they did not know that I was so’n fun, or so modest. Many people have a wrong image of me. I just need to watch out that I not a gin and tonic drink before I sing. One glass and it is done with the voice.

The Comeback Album, the new cd of Helmut Lotti, is from september 15 physically and digitally available.

Tickets & info “Helmut Lotti – The Comeback Concert’ (25 november in the Queen elizabeth concert hall):

This interview was recorded by Sebastiaan Bedaux for This week.

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