Hellas Verona’s coach, Juric, supports, fans, and denying, racism against premier league Champions

Mario and His stepped up on Sunday to Hellas Verona-Brescia, it (temporarily) out of the field because he’s racist or not, was in any way due to the hometown audience, but the striker does not have the support of the home team to rely on. Hellas Verona’s coach, Ivan Juric, and president Maurizio Setti is denying that the fans of the club have been found guilty of racism.

“I’m not afraid to say it, there’s nothing to worry about. I have heard a lot of singing and some banter in the direction of a great player, but there was nothing. You will have to take His side to ask him why he’s so angry, it was,” said Juric, after the end of the Series, A-year-old from Verona (2-1).

“If there are racist remarks being made by our fans, and I have no problems with it at that, out loud, to admit to. But I can’t be heard, and that we should not be creating something that did not exist. That would be a lie.”

In the images, it is clear that the premier league Champions are at the race, being racist, it was in any way a part of the hometown audience. Ten minutes of rest was enough for the 29-year-old Italian, who hit the ball into the corner of the field caught up, and furious, and the audience had to leave the race.

Premier league champions left in the field, but the players of Hellas Verona and Brescia were able to convince him to take the game out of the game to play it. Even though the visitors a 2-1 onderuitgingen took Balotteli is still sporty and the opportunity for five minutes of time on the beautiful and the aansluitingstreffer to shoot.

The Scenes in the world. Mario and His side, presumably in response to the racist abuse from the fans, picks up the ball and kicks it into the stands.
Here’s the aftermath.
We are football players, society, and need teammates/opponents to stop, pleading with the victims to not walk off and start walking off with them instead

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Users of the app, click on the tweet to see the video of the incident, Mario and His.

Chairman of the Hellas Verona’s support, fans will also

Not only is the coach of Hellas Verona, but is also the chairman of the Setti left after the game for His side with a heart under the belt, and put the misbehaving supporters, is to condemn it. The Italian businessman, recognises that there are a few of what is being called, it wants that it is not racism to call it.

“I’ve been here eight years ago, it finally arrived and I can tell you that the fans of Verona are not racist,” says Setti, on the site, which is a good thing. “If there are cases of racism have been, we condemn that. However, it is wrong to call it racist, spreekkoren the twenty-thousand viewers, maybe a couple of little is said to have shouted.”

“We are prepared with two or three persons, and to punish you if that’s the case, it would be, but it is a mistake to have this group to talk, as if we were thirty years ago, in the time of life. In my eight years as president, I only have good behavior of the fans have seen it. I’ve got His, however, my apology is that is someone might do something against him, we have what might be offensive.”

This is not the first time this season that a game in the Series, the A’s are overshadowed by the issue of racism. Fans a couple of years ago did it in september, apengeluiden to The striker Romelu Lukaku and for Atalanta Bergamo-Fiorentina, after a few minutes of shut-down due to the racist spreekkoren from the people in the stands.

Hellas Verona’s coach, Ivan Juric is denying the racism of the thuisfans. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

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