Heemskerk had “ten minutes of goosebumps’ after withdraw dopingzaak Toussaint

The news about the repealed dopingzaak against Kira Toussaint has not only provided by the main character itself, but also in buddy Femke Heemskerk for a joy-burst. The Roelofarendsveense saw the innocent swimmer the last months through a hellish period and is overjoyed that Toussaint himself – after her ‘positive’ finding, entirely on swimming.

The 31-year-old Heemskerk in her career a lot of tournaments experienced, but the world CHAMPIONSHIPS short-course from december 2018 they will not soon forget. The form and the good feeling were present in the Chinese Hangzhou, but the “sporty” aspect was an afterthought, when roommate Toussaint a few days before the tournament started that told them in november positive had been tested on the prohibited substance tulobuterol.

Not much later, was a wretched Toussaint forced the plane back to the Netherlands and had to Heemskerk without a roommate and with a secret pocket, only they and the coaches were informed about the doping test of Toussaint – preparing for perhaps the most important tournament of the year.

“It was really bizarre”, says Heemskerk at a press conference for the Swim Cups back on that time in Hangzhou. “Kira was in the middle of the night suddenly way out of the room and when she came back, she looked at me like someone had died. That was not so, but the real news was not much better. You think really: how? Because you know, at that moment, just that they are not doping, but she was actually the asshole.”

“I also found it really harsh that they should go home”, says Heemskerk, who, despite the vicissitudes in a total of eight world CHAMPIONSHIP medals conquered in Hangzhou. “I was the only swimmer who did and did not share it with others. I lived very much with her. We are just all ‘clean’ and you don’t want your name linked to doping.”

Busch, Heemskerk, Toussaint and Kromowidjojo on the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2018. ()

Dopingzaak repealed by blunder FINA

After three for Toussaint bizarre months fell two weeks ago a burden of her shoulders. Her doping test was ‘valspositief’, caused by legitimate medication that the rugslagspecialiste used. Swimming federation FINA withdrew the case after this painful blunder, of course, after which Toussaint direct contact with Heemskerk was looking for the liberating news to share.

“Kira sent me a message: ‘Fem, call me when you read this.’ After I get the good news heard, I have so hard screamed in the car. I had ten minutes of goosebumps; I didn’t even know that that could. O man, I was so relieved. This is the very best that they have out of this situation. It also had very different can walk.”

What a false dopingverdenking does to you, appeared Monday in the program pep talk on Ziggo Sport, in which the present Toussaint a video message from Heemskerk to see. The Amstelveen was visibly moved by the words of her zwemmaatje, which, in its turn, difficult to be found Toussaint in the last months, in uncertainty.

“It is very difficult to see if your buddy somewhere totally gets going”, says Heemskerk. “A lot of people find it rotnieuws and feel equally with you, but then move on with their lives. They continued in that annoying stage. Therefore, I can imagine that they are long time lonely has felt.”

Femke Heemskerk. (Photo: Getty Images)

Heemskerk on the hunt for top international

Toussaint, who at the beginning of this year started to train, reported last week, despite that difficult period, still in good working condition to condition. The 24-year-old North-Holland swam in her comeback in Marseille in the 100-meter backstroke directly the limit for the WORLDS excellent tactical and technical skills of the coming summer in South Korea.

Also, Heemskerk showed her good side at the Golden Tour-competitions in the French city. The two-time olympic medalist swam the WK-limits on the 50 and 100 free and feels that they are in the run-up to the Swim Cups in Den Haag and Eindhoven from next month in good shape protrudes.

“My entry level is higher than where I last year ended,” said Heemskerk. “Actually I want to now, especially the line that I in June 2018 have dropped to pass through. The european CHAMPIONSHIPS short-course in Glasgow was great and the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in China. Now it is a matter of challenge and connection with the world summit. I feel good and strong and am ready for it.”

The Swim Cup in The Hague from 4 to 7 april on the program and the Swim Cup in Eindhoven a week later held. Heemskerk will be for your own audience in the action on the 50, the 100 and the 200 meters free battle.

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