Heavy storm Harvey leaves trail of destruction behind in Texas

Heavy storm Harvey leaves trail of destruction behind in Texas

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Hurricane Harvey, that Saturday morning off the coast of Texas reached, late in the American state left a trail of destruction behind. In various places are numerous trees and traffic lights out of the ground and torn. Certainly 211.000 people have no power.

Especially the city of Rockport has been hit hard. The largest part of the ten thousand residents is evacuated.

Several buildings are heavily damaged, including a school, a hotel and a senior apartment building. In the area around Rockport does the electricity not more. Also phone lines and mobile telephony to work, barely.

The laggards were the mayor’s advice to have their name and social security number on their arm to write, so that they are easier to identify.


In total, an estimated six million people threatened by Harvey, who will focus in the coming days slowly a way through Texas and Louisiana will generate jobs. Just because the hurricane is so slow, it is feared that he has massive damage is damage and flooding will cause.

The authorities have everyone living in coastal or low-lying areas of residence are encouraged to immediate evacuation.


Hurricane Harvey creates a lot of inconvenience to Texas coast

Heaviest hurricane

Harvey is the heaviest hurricane that the USA in twelve years time has reached. There are wind speeds up to about 210 kilometers per hour as possible. Well, the hurricane now slightly watered down. It is now a hurricane of the second category. Previously brought Harvey category four, the second highest level.

The hurricane came ashore near Corpus Christi, a city in the middle of the Texas coastline. In addition to Texas are also parts of Louisiana is threatened by flooding. The storm was accompanied by a storm surge of up to nearly four metres.

State of emergency

Texas and Louisiana have the state of emergency is declared. The Us president, Donald Trump has made the situation in Texas Friday night officially declared natural disaster is declared.

Thus, all possible resources from the national government for aid available.

Hurricane Harvey reached the American coast

Hurricane Harvey in the night from Friday to Saturday the American coast is reached.

The hurricane has grown to become a hurricane by the fourth, second most powerful category.

The storm came ashore near Corpus Christi, a city in the middle of the Texas coastline.

There are wind speeds up to 250 kilometers per hour.

Millions of people are preparing for the arrival of the storm, which is one of the toughest of the last twelve years in the united states is likely to be.

Many people have now elsewhere in the state, their sought salvation.

Those who refuse to leave will be asked their name and social security number on their forearm writing, to the noodverlening after the storm to facilitate.

NASA gave Friday images free of the approaching hurricane. They are made from the space station ISS.

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Oil refineries

Several oil refineries in the state as a precaution closed. Also the staff of several oil drilling platforms off the coast is evacuated.

The approaching storm also has a strong effect on the oil and fuel prices, which are up to shoot. More than 45 percent of the oil refineries in the U.S. is located on the Gulf of Mexico, and almost a fifth of the crude oil off the coast won.

The port of Houston, one of the largest in the U.S., closed Friday to all traffic.

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