Heavy earthquake hits Greece and Turkey

Heavy earthquake hits Greece and Turkey

Photo: USGS

On the southwest coast of Turkey is at the beginning of the night of Thursday to Friday a heavy earthquake with a strength of 6.7 measured. The epicenter of the quake is 10 kilometers from the coast of the tourist resort of Bodrum. On the nearby Greek island of Kos are certainly two deaths by the earthquake.

According to the local authorities on the island are also many wounded cases. The Greek fire brigade says that they are three seriously injured people rescued from a collapsed building.

From Bodrum are also many messages of damage. Yet it seems to fall, the mayor of the Turkish resort of. A few people were slightly wounded and the damage to buildings is immense.

The United States Geological Survey reports that the quake at 1.31 pm local time, 0.31 pm Dutch time) took place. The European aardbevingscentrum EMSC is reporting that the earthquake a small tsunami has caused.


Amateur images show damage in Kos after earthquake


By the tidal wave as a result of the earthquake were buildings and streets in Bodrum under water. Also fell in many places the stream.

The earthquake was 10 kilometers under seabed is very shallow. According to various messages was the earthquake in the surroundings of Bodrum to feel deep in Greece. The EMSC proposes that more than 7 million people in the earthquake have been able to feel.

A small tsunami is confirmed. AVOID BEACHES IN THE AREA, but you are safe on higher grounds


Time of placing
23:09 – 20 July 2017


Bodrum is a tourist attraction and popular among the Dutch. On the nearby Greek island of Kos to celebrate also a lot of Dutch tourists on holiday.

Many hotel guests would have been woken by the violent shaking and several guests standing on the street in anticipation of the messages.

Also from the distant Greek island of Rhodes come messages from the startled Dutch tourists.

The Dutch travel organization TUI leave through Twitter to know the situation of the Dutch tourists in the affected area to “enumerate”.

We take stock of the situation on Kos and Bodrum. Holidaymakers wake up startled by the earthquake. Updates via our fb page. #earthquake


Time of placing
01:03 – 21 July 2017


Not much later, aftershocks have been in the coastal area of Turkey. The EMSC has at least five aftershocks detected.

In the area near Greece and Turkey are more frequent earthquakes. Turkey is located between the Arabian plate and the Eurasian plate. The sliding of these tectonic plates can quakes cause.

During earthquakes in 1999 in Turkey, approximately 20,000, and in Greece more than 140 people killed.

Earthquake hits Turkey and Greece

A powerful earthquake in the south-west coast of Turkey has for floods provided in the tourist resort of Bodrum.
© George Bisharas

The earthquake caused damage to the hotel buildings.
© Caresla Builder

Also on the nearby Greek island of Kos was a lot of damage and flooding.

By the earthquake are at least two deaths.

© Mike Verbruggen

© Mike Verbruggen

© Mike Verbruggen

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