Heating tumors may be good alternative to surgery

Heating tumors may be good alternative to surgery

Tumors in the liver resulting from colorectal and cancer of the rectum do not always have to be cut away, but can also heat, will be contested.

That researchers Martijn Meijerink (interventional radiologist) and Petrousjka van den Tol (surgeon) of the VUmc in Amsterdam.

They want to be with a major study definitively show that both treatments are equally good, because then there may also be heat plenty of to be applied. They have received a grant of 580.000 euros from a company that research to do.

“As a metastasis of colon cancer in the liver by a surgeon to cut away, there is a fair chance of complications and even death as a result of the surgery,” according to the VUmc. “For the new method, is not need surgery. The radiologist looks up with a CT scan where the tumor is in the abdomen and pricks a needle through the skin into the tumor, with the aim to destroy it by heating.”

According to the VUmc is the potential for complications as a result of this operation is small.

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