‘Heart attacks may be passed in genes

‘Heart attacks may be passed in genes

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Research from the University of Uppsala in Sweden has shown that a heart attack is stored in the DNA. This may be transferred to children.

The research was done under the over 700 people that a heart attack had survived and was published in the Human Molecular Genetics. Heredity plays, in addition to factors from the environment, a major role in the development of heart disease.

The research focused on epigenetic changes that arise when DNA-modifications in certain genes on or off. In people who have heart attacks had were very many of these epigenetic changes found.

Lack of clarity

It is, according to the researchers, however, not clear whether the resulting changes contribute to a further development of the disease or only as a reminder to be stored.

“The changes occur during a heart attack, when the body reacts to it by certain genes to turn on. This mechanism protects the tissue and restores the body after infarction”, says Åsa Johansson principal investigator immunology, genetics and pathology. These genes remain behind in the body and may be passed on to following generations.

They think that the research in the future can help in the development of drugs and treatments.

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