Heart association is against the use preventiepil for heart disease in the Netherlands

Fifteen years of research into the so-called polypil it has been demonstrated that this medication is working. This, combined pill, aspirin, and blood pressure, and lower cholesterol allows preventive action to be taken to reduce the risk of heart disease and greatly decrease. However, the heart foundation, there are not in favour of the elderly in the Netherlands is that the pill is going to be on them.

In the study, which was conducted in Iran, were almost a thousand people in between fifty and seventy-five years of age to join. The researchers divided them into two groups. Half of my day in, day out polypil, and the other group was only given information on how heart disease can be prevented, and was placed under the supervision of a medical doctor.

The results showed that the group receiving the polypil took about 30 to 50 percent reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease was because of the level of cholesterol and blood pressure in these subjects were reduced. The study was published Friday in the British medical journal The Lancet.

In the research of, among others, the Dutch epidemiologist prof dr Rick Grobbee of UNIVERSITY medical center Utrecht, participated. In the world, he speaks of “a very impressive and solid” results. According to the researchers, the polypil to be a very effective way to get a heart and vascular disease, prevention, combating, for example, low -, and mic.

Why should people have to move, or to lose weight?’

The heart foundation sees it, however, is not to the pill now, people around the world to view. According to a spokesperson for the health care system in the Netherlands is good enough for people with heart disease to be treated.

In addition, it believes with the heart foundation of healthy people’s lifestyles change when they are in the polypil are going to be on them. “People may think: why would I want to lose weight or to exercise as I am already protected? A healthy lifestyle is the cornerstone of treatment,” said the spokesman.

Also in the pilot, ‘if it doesn’t work, then it will certainly do no harm’ is, in this case, according to the heart association. “The study shows that the pill, although it work well, but the side-effects. People who take blood thinners to swallow, and have a higher chance of bleeding to get it.”

“You have people who are up to the lagerisicogroep are not a lot of reach,” he says. “There’s this group of low-to-win, and by the side of it to the other side to move.”

It is the opinion of the heart foundation of these people is to take regular blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked by the doctor and not to take a pill for that, “as a shot” things.

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Heart foundation, it was nonetheless impressed by polypil

Despite this, the heart foundation is under the impression that the results of the study, stressed the spokesman said, among other things, the birth control pill is very low due to the combination of all of the components of the pill are out of date.

The foundation shares the view of the researchers that the polypil put to effective use, can be used in countries with poor health care, such as Iran.


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