Health insurance companies USA call proposed social services ‘unworkable’

Health insurance companies USA call proposed social services ‘unworkable’

Photo: AFP

Two large American health insurance companies call it an amendment to the proposed Trumpcare “unworkable”. By the addition can Americans opt for a cheaper and stripped-down package. According to the health insurance companies ensures that correct for higher costs for the people who need care.

The companies write in an urgent letter that the amendment provides for “two systems, one for sent and one for sick people”. They request the Senate to the amendment to omit from the bill. Republican Ted Cruz came up with the proposal that the ‘Consumer Freedom Option”.

“While healthy people will opt for cheaper insurance are the people who understand care need fixed in the current packages. The cost will of them up.”

Also inform the insurers that the addition is hard to arrive at working families who are making a lot of money in order to be eligible for a tax benefit, but again not enough to earn to the more expensive plans to be able to afford. “Millions of people will be uninsured hit.”

The Republicans want the social services including addition all to vote without analysis by the impartial planning bureau of the Senate, the CBO. An earlier version was reviewed by the CBO, when it turned out that by that version, some 22 million fewer Americans would be insured than with the current law the case is.


The new social services is a response to Obamacare. The Republican president, Donald Trump promised earlier to with a cheaper alternative. The party is given, however, of both their own supporters and the Democrats a lot of criticism.

Some Republicans find the changes of Trump did not go far enough. The Democrats want Obamacare properly preserved.

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