Health Benefits Of Sex

Health Benefits Of Sex

Yes, ladies and gents, if you were looking for any further motivation to heat up the sheets, we have some for you. Here are some scientifically backed reasons why getting some good loving can be so good for your health:

Sex Can Boost Your Immune System

Research done at Wilkes University showed that test subjects that had sex once or twice a week were less likely to suffer from common colds and other infections. This was due to higher levels of immunoglobulin A, an antibody, in the blood of those subjects who regularly had sex once or twice a week. The study involved 112 college students and test subjects that reported having sex at this frequency (once or twice every week) tested higher for the antibody than did the test subjects who had sex more or less frequently, as well as the test subjects who reported being abstinent.

Sex Can Lower Stress Levels

Another study in Scotland found that men and women who had healthy sex lives responded better to stressful situations. The test subjects kept records of their sexual activities and then the researches tested their blood pressure while doing verbal arithmetic or being asked to speak in public. Those men and women who enjoyed frequent sex had lower diastolic blood pressure and responded better to the stressful situations overall.

Sex Is A Great Pain Killer

Turns out having a headache is actually the perfect reason that you should have sex. Having sex results in a number of physical and chemical reactions; one such reaction is a release of endorphins and the hormone oxytocin. These chemicals are our bodies’ natural pain relievers and research has shown that they can decrease pain by more than half. Many people report relief from arthritis pain, headaches and even PMS symptoms following sexual intercourse.

Sex Is Heart Healthy

A lot of older people are concerned that having sex may result in complications such as an increased risk of stroke or heart attack. A lot of men, especially, may worry about this if they also have to take some medication in order to stay sexually active. However, while it is always best to consult your doctor if you have any concerns about this, research in England found no association between strokes and frequency of sex. In fact, the research showed that, compared to the men who had sex less than once a month, those who enjoyed sex twice or more a week were less than half as likely to suffer from a fatal heart attack.

Stacey Cavalari is a healthcare technology writer for Phoenix kiosk, a Kiosk manufacturer firm in Tempe, AZ. Phoenix Kiosk specializes in healthcare kiosks for small to large size organizations.

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