‘Healing MS closer through the discovery of important substances”

‘Healing MS closer through the discovery of important substances”

Researchers suggest that healing from the nerve disease MS comes closer. On the basis of genetic studies, there are substances are detected which could play an important role in the development of groundbreaking medicines.

Researchers Geert Poelmans and Gerard Martens (Radboud University nijmegen have a map for the MS composite in which the biological processes are involved in the disease.

On the basis of genetic studies in 11.500 MS patients and 21,000 healthy controls, this card is composed.

From this research, is the “MSmap” has been created, a digital version of the map for the treating neurologists who supplemented with new information. This map can then be used for the diagnosis and prognosis in people with MS support. Here are several within – and foreign MS-centres involved.


The healing of MS is according to the scientists closer by the testing of three substances that seize on the biological processes in an MS-celmodel that is based on stem cells derived from MS patients.

The National MS Fund, the research will be financially supported.

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