Head-to-staarteten: ‘eat Less meat to waste, it is easier than you think”.

We spend together a lot of food. This is particularly the case for beef, because we have less than half the price of an animal will actually consume. You can find two friends to head-to-staarteters.

According to calculations by the University of Wageningen shows that we have every year, on average, 38 kg of meat per person for dinner. This is the level of importance that we were able to actually eat it. The carcass weight (the weight including the skin, bones and pieces of meat that people don’t want to eat it), it is 80 pounds more than twice as high. This restvlees includes a feed is created.

We are going to buy a little less than 50 pounds of meat, of which we have only a three-quarter (38 pounds) will consume it. Be a part of that, we throw all the preparation away – for example, the bones of which are still in the flesh, sit down, and the other parts remain as residue on the back of the board.

Finally, as the Previous owner of the restaurant, the Keunenhuis in Winterswijk, the figures are weird. The self-of-the-head-of-kontchef used in virtually all of its animals. For her, the restaurant uses them to shame the cows and the player with chickens, and pets, they bucks that is otherwise immediately after the birth would have to be completed. “In the end, the animals from head-to-butt with me. Each line of the animal, I will use it, even the bones and the membranes surrounding the city.”

Demand for kidneys, liver, or heart

“Now, want consumers to have no kidneys, a liver or a heart,” she adds. “To sin. It’s not just because of the waste, because you don’t know what you’re missing.”

The previous gives, for example, in a well-cooked and soft palate. However, since there is very little question about the meat, it is almost impossible to find in the grocery store. The solution, according to Him, to “Go to a small butcher shop.”

But, according to her, it is even more important for you to get yourself started. “If everyone is being honest would have to look at what they are eating and the cause – including waste, would we have to be very different voedseloplossingen search for, and another amount to have it. I’m sure of it.”

So, as the Previous for each of the three hundred eggs that you consume a being would have to eat it. “Because for every egg-laying hen who is allowed to live, killed a hen.”

According to Him, you would be for each of the three hundred eggs that you consume a hen has to eat. (Photo: Saanen)

A cow will only be slaughtered if all of the pieces have been sold

Dirk de Bruin from the health and Nature and sell the meat of animals that have all the freedom in Dutch nature reserves were brought up, mostly online. Every year, he has about a hundred cattle to slaughter. “But only if all of the parts of the animal that are being sold. So, also, the bones for broth, eggs, liver, kidneys and even the skin.”

“There is no food in the dog show. Are you looking barbeuespiesen of it.”
Dirk de Bruin from the Health & Nature

“Beef heart, for instance, to make you a great barbecuespiesen. Heart to a dog to give up. The membrane around the food, which is often as animal feed, to serve, you can meekoken in stock. It gives the flavor and the gelatin. And schapenniertjes you’ll make a delicious stew,” says Brown.

Rib eye, prime rib, and steaks, are invariably the first to be sold out. Pieces of forgotten flesh, which is now free to be sold, the longhaas, and the bavette. Popular for use on the grill today,” said Brown.

The eggs are usually quickly sold on it. Brown: “Out of the Netherlands, it’s very common for them to bake or to fry. Just think of the famous Rocky Mountain oysters (prairieoesters, ed.).”

Also, as the Previous was very fond of these ‘balls’. Her cookbook is a recipe for a Dutch Mountain oysters.

Also, for the bit of an amateur chef can easily prepare a

What are the other pieces of forgotten flesh, ” are, according to Him, also to prepare for a bit of an amateur chef? “Organs such as the kidneys can be poaching, or stir-fry. And if you have a good oven, it’s most pulled pork is also pretty simple to prepare. You only need to have to give it time to slowly get to the net.”

That’s how he calls them to ‘ put it aside, out of the leg of a cow. “Fry the meat briefly on both sides, fry a couple of onions and put it all together with some spices and broth or wine in a bowl in the microwave. Cover with a crevice of 120 degrees. An hour and a half later you’ll have great meat on your plate,” explains Him out. “If you have a little bit of cooking, you really don’t have to be complicated.”

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