Head of Us prisons, lay-offs in wake of death, Epstein

The man at the helm of the umbrella organisation of the prisons in the United States of america was on Monday dismissed by Us attorney general William Barr. The decision follows in the wake of the death of multi-millionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who will be 10 in August and committed suicide in his prison cell.

Hugh Hurwitz (on the left in the photo) will be succeeded by Kathleen Hawk Sawyer, in which the organisation is already leading. Hurwitz will take a different position, but it is still unclear as to what role he has within the organization.

It was previously the director of the prison in which Epstein and committed suicide all moved in and there were two security guards in the holes that were on a leave of absence will be sent.

The prison in which he was sitting would be a chronic lack of staff and received strong criticism, after it became clear that Epstein is not a half-hour and was monitored in his cell. Epstein, who is rich, as is the asset manager for the billionaires, it was a few weeks before that, even though wounded, found in the cell.

The controversial businessman was suspected of dozens of underage girls have been. He was also supposed to be a girl, to have paid to others, to him, to introduce him to you. During the massage sessions’ over-used them and then. It is still under investigation, or is he abusive practices set out in France and belgium.

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