He would prefer to use the ‘dirt’ on political rivals belonging to other countries

The Us president, Donald Trump would be “very, very glad to hear it,” if foreign governments are to him damaging information about his rival in the upcoming presidential elections, it can give you.

He said Wednesday in an interview with ABC News that he is not the only issue, would be to see the acceptance of war, if another country, for him that is on offer.

“If someone, for example, in Norway, it would make a call, and they say, ‘we’ve got something that might be harmful to your competition, then I would very much like to hear it,” said He. He couldn’t say for sure if he has the range, the FBI would report it.

The decision of the Home is great!!! The presidency is for two years, been overshadowed by investigations of the ways in which the Russians, as the Us presidential election in 2016, it will have been affected. It would have to be done to the benefit of the Home.

In July of 2016, and called Home to the Russians, and even the e-mails that of his opponent Hillary Clinton, to hack into other computers.

Trump, jr., was, on Tuesday, the Senate heard about the Russians,

His son, Donald Trump jr., was, on Tuesday, the Senate is called upon to answer for the inconsistencies in his evidence about a meeting which is in June 2016, took place at the Trump Tower. A Russian lawyer would be damaging information about Clinton’s offer.

Special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, as presented recently in a voluminous report on the involvement of the Russians in the presidential election of 2016.

Home to waves of criticism over contacts with Russians for two years

In its final report, was that there was close contact between the team at Home and the Russians as well, but there is no evidence that the team at Home and purposely “samenspande” with Moscow.

He has all of the criticisms are always rejected, and continue to insist that the study of Mueller as a “witch-hunt” is.


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