He will start the campaign for the presidential election in 2020

The Us president, Donald Trump, on Tuesday, officially launched his campaign for the presidential election of 2020. He was in the city of Orlando, in the presence of thousands of supporters.

He was introduced by his wife, Melania, and the vice president, and Mike Pence. At the Amway Center in Orlando, was the president and a minutes applause from the audience.

During a speech in an hour, and called the Trump of what he had achieved, despite, the opposition, and the witch-hunt,” where he had to deal with.

The president’s grip, in addition it back to the theme with which the election in 2016, it won for Make America great again (with the U.S. is once again great). Together with its twenty thousand spectators in the Orlando area he decided to join the new campaign, with the theme of Keep America great (Like the US great).


He launch a second presidential campaign with a fiery speech

“Government by and for the people.”

“Tonight, I stand before you at my official campaign for a second term as the president of the United States of america, to launch it,” said He. “And I promise you that I will never let you down.”

“Together, we looked out of the broken political establishment, a way of restoring and we have a government by and for the people,” said He to his audience. “As long as you are to this team and to continue to support them, we will have a wonderful journey ahead of them. Our future has never been out of the water a bit.”

During his speech, brought Home to the Democratic party, the media, and the investigation of special prosecutor Robert Mueller to a possible conspiracy involving the Russians, during the last presidential election. “It was an illegal attempt to use the results of the election to cancel.”

“They want us to bring the land into desolation’

His Democratic opponents, said He, that they, “the land as we know it would destroy it”. However, he warned that his Democratic challengers, immigrants from Mexico, legal status, the so that they will be able to vote for the Democratic party to have the power to help you. “It’s not going to happen,” said Trump.

The former businessman had to be in 2017, on the day of his inauguration, all of the documents submitted for participation in the presidential election of 2020.

Very little opposition from within the Republican party

He has won in the last elections, the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. He wants to be in november of next year for the Republican party to represent them.

At this time, there is only one other politician on behalf of the Republican candidate. It’s going to be Bill Weld, the former governor of the state of Massachusetts. As he mentions, He is “dangerous and unfit for the office of president”.

May be reported to John Kasich, the former governor of Ohio, and also as a person. In the elections of 2016, he was the last opponent of the Home. Kasich withdrew his candidacy at that time, in view of the fact that he, because of Trumps popularity, yet, not a single chance created.

Kasich is well-known as a critic of Trump. It is not yet certain if he will take part in the elections. Last week, he told CNN, that everything was all right.


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