He wants to be the new raketverdrag close to Russia and China

The Us president, when He wants to be with Russia on a new raketverdrag negotiation, and that China is involved in it should be.

That said, Home on Friday against the Us media. The Us president said though both the soviet union and China on the issue to be discussed and that all parties are “very interested”, too.

The new treaty can only be good for the world,” said Trump, who added that he was confident in a positive outcome.

The United States did on Friday, after 32 years, formally of the INF-raketverdrag with Russia. That agreement formed the basis of the control of nuclear weapons between the two superpowers.

The agreement was made in 1987 banned medium-range ballistic missiles from land, is to be launched in both nuclear and conventional, and in a range of from 500 to 5.500 km.


Why are nuclear weapons there will most likely always continue to be


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