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Throughout the world are becoming more and more sporting events are cancelled, postponed, or finished without the public, because of the corona virus. In this liveblog, we will keep you up to date on all the latest developments.Corona virus · 3 hours agoAccording to Hendricks, has the NOC*NSF as a cross-cutting bond, to set an example. “It’s half-measures are no measures. Hence this decision.” The decision has a greater impact on the swimmers, which is actually a monastery in Drachten (netherlands) went on to get it to work out. “It is unfortunate for the swimmers who happened to have been thinking about the way in which they have all of the protocols are able to maintain it,” says Hendricks. (2/2)corona virus · 7 minutes ago,the Dutch sports federation NOC*NSF is calling for the closure of all of the topsportfaciliteiten
The Dutch sports federation NOC*NSF), called on all the topsportfaciliteiten on to direct at least two weeks to close the doors due to the outbreak of the corona virus. This means that athletes are no longer together, they are in training. “I got up this morning, the decision was taken that we have all of the training environments as soon as possible and go for the close. That is a very, very rigorous and very, very painful,” says the technical director Maurits Hendriks on NPO Radio 1. (1 and 2)corona virus · 12 minutes agoHe let the hotels transformed into hospitals
Real Madrid let two of the hotels are in Portugal, do not remove public hospitals in the fight against feline corona virus. Marca reported earlier today, but a spokesman for the hotel speaks, the message is compared to the RTL world. “We are in a hotel room. We are not a hospital. It was a day like any other, and we have been and continue to be, a hotel. We are being overwhelmed with phone calls from the press. I would like to wish you a good day.”
Corona virus · 38 minutes ago,Van Dijk adds: “I hope we can have the title to celebrate with the fans
Right now, Liverpool are, after thirty years, once again the champion of England, and it seems to be a means for the corona virus and the football world in its grip. Virgil van Dijk should not have to think about the title, safe to say, in an empty stadium. “We’ll have to just deal until a decision has been made on how we will proceed,” said Van Dyke. “But, hopefully, we can have the title with our fans to celebrate.”Corona virus · one-hour geledenWe know about NBA player Rudy Gobert is still in the movie, in which he was the first time that all of the microphones and the recording devices of journalists to touch. The French rider of the Utah Jazz, was a fiercely criticized, because he has the corona virus is not serious, it would take, and it was then tainted. Gobert is due to all the dust gone, and now has a $ 500,000 (or around 450,000 euros) to be donated in order to help with the effects of the COVID-19-the virus.VideoUtah-Jazz-basketball player, Rudy Gobert, touch microphones, aanCoronavirus-four hours ago,four more people at Valencia have the corona virus
Valencia says in a statement that defender Ezequiel Garay will not be the only one in Valencia with the corona virus. Four other people in the player base, and staff tested positive, reports the club from the Dutch keeper, Jasper Cillessen, no names are to be announced. All five of the people make it.Corona virus · one-hour geledenHet the stadium of Heracles Almelo is at the moment closed.

Heracles Almelo has decided to make the stadium immediately, and, in principle, to march 31, to close it.

AvatarAuteurHeracles AlmeloMoment of plaatsen12:32 am – march 15, 2020Coronavirus · 2 hours ago –BY-boss Prudhomme to think that, in april, pretty much everything is cancelled
Christian Prudhomme believes that, even in april, few cycling events en route will be found, but in the Tour de France, he is still not of great concern. “It’s been more than a hundred days left until the ’Grand Depart’. That is, it is still a very, very long time,” said the director of the ASO, the Tour and Paris-Roubaix action. In the continuation of the Paris-Roubaix, preparation is not. “Like all of the other events taking place in april, will be canceled, the escape to Paris-Roubaix, don’t.”Corona virus · 2 hours agoOgier, the winner of Rally of Mexico
Finally, as a sort of sportnieuwtje: Sébastien Ogier, the Rally of Mexico, his name is written on it. In the case of the corona virus had an impact, as the race was on Saturday after the race was stopped, and the Frenchman, the winner has been declared.Corona virus · a 2-hour geledenDe of players who tested positive in a row.

Footballers who have tested positive for the corona virus:
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England:
🇮 🇹 , Italy:
La Gumina
🇩🇪 Germany is:
Space invaders infinity gene
🇪🇸 Spain:
Wishing them all a speedy recovery. 👏

AvatarAuteurFootball TweetMoment of plaatsen11:53 – 15-march-2020Coronavirus · 3 hours ago,Garay test as the first player in La Liga is positive in corona
You are the first player in La Liga, with the conavirus, it is a fact of life. The 33-year-old Valencia defender, Ezequiel Garay, player of the Dutch goalkeeper, Jasper Cillessen, let it be know that he tested positive is. “I feel very, very good to listen, go to the health department. Tentatively I will stay in isolation.”

Está claro que el 2020, lo empecé con mala pata.
Hey dado cfzone all of corona virus, me encuentro muy bien, y ahora solo queda hacer caso a las autoridades sanitarias, de momento estar aislado. #g24

AvatarAuteurezequielgaray24Moment of plaatsen11:31 – march 15, 2020Coronavirus · 3 hours ago, theChairman of the Swiss football association, test positive to feline corona virus
The Swiss football federation says that president Dominique Blanc tested positive for the corona virus. The seventy years of Blanc is left is to test it, because he has a sore throat and is still light and had a cough. He is now at home in quarantine, and it is his own words, ” pretty well.Corona virus · 3 hours ago‘the Plan Series, A last turn of the game on the 30th of June
Tomorrow to meet with the Italian football federation, and, according to the newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, the plan is to have the Series A-2, may be prosecuted, and without an audience. In the course of the next weeks will be as spectators, are allowed. The final round will be held on the 30th of June, a day before the contracts of the players to come to an end. The plan is just to go to the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, on the 12th of June starts, it will go ahead or be postponed. And, of course, the situation for the corona virus is under control.Corona virus · 4 hours geledenMatthijs of the building, due to the corona virus at home, in isolation, of residence, make of the world in a creative way that it is now, it is very important to wash your hands.VideoDe Is keeps a roll of toilet paper high up on the coronavirusCoronavirus · 4 hours ago,UFC boss wants this fighting to continue despite the feline corona virus
Still, not everyone is convinced of the dangers of the corona virus, or has other interests as well. UFC boss Dana White wishes that the battles of his organization is to continue. “As long as the country doesn’t have to be completely paralysed, so that the people in their homes and not allowed to leave, it is up to our fights,” said White at ESPN.Corona virus·, 5 hours agoby Wood test to see if the third NBA player to be positive to corona virus
Once again, an NBA player tested positive for the corona. Detroit Pistons-forward Christian Wood, and is the third-infested national basketball association (NBA players, in total, after a Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell of the Utah Jazz. The Teams that have been recently against the Utah Jazz is played, including the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics, in any case, this weekend in an isolated room to stay. On Thursday, it was decided that the NBA shut down.5 hours geledenDe clubs in the Premier league, and in the Kitchen and the Champion Division is looking for a workout, to the point that they require action on your part for the points.

SC Heerenveen will play on Friday in a practice game against Go Ahead Eagles, Wednesday and Friday at the internet connection. Of course, and subject to the reservation of further measures to be taken. This is the weekend to train them not to, and that they can come back tomorrow to.

AvatarAuteurRoelof the VriesMoment of plaatsen09:30 am – march 15, 20205 hours ago andthe Factory of Ferrari in Maranello, provisionally closed
Not only does the new Formula 1 season is set to silent, the factory of Ferrari in Maranello will remain for the coming period, due to the corona virus. The closure applies to all employees who are involved in the Formula 1 racing team, and will be until at least the 27th of march last. Due to the measures taken by the Italian government, because of the corona virus had the plant for longer problems, and in the manufacture of cars that had been stopped.Corona virus · 6 hours of geledenNog some special pictures from Naples, as well as the rest of Italy, and is heavily affected by the corona virus. This called on the population yesterday evening, at 19: 45 on the mass of the club song to sing from the balcony or the window, and the result is stunning.Video

This’s Twitter and asked fans:
“At 19:45 GMT today, and we want to get to Naples singing! Get out on your balconies, or open your windows wide and sing, ” Un Giorno All’Improvviso…!”
Here’s what happened ⬇️

AvatarAuteurUTFR 🇾🇪Time plaatsen21:12 – 14 march 2020Coronavirus · 6 hours of geledenDinsdag meet the CHAMPIONS on the european CHAMPIONSHIPS and the European club tournaments until a winner is able to attend. According to the Spanish newspaper AS believes the European champions in the Final Four of the Champions League and the Europa League. In the semi-finals and the finals would be within a couple of days on neutral ground to be played. You can compare it to the final of the Nations League last season with the Dutch team in Brazil.

UEFA’s eyes is the single-legged ties in to #UCL #UEL

AvatarAuteurAS EnglishMoment of plaatsen17:35 – 14 march 2020Coronavirus · 6 hours ago,Terpstra: “The race is not important right now’
Saturday ended up at Paris-Nice, and that’s due to the corona virus, for now, the last cycling race of the year. “As a cyclist, you can find the price, of course, is the most important thing there is, but that is it for now, of course not,” said Niki Terpstra, who is 55, was in the French stage race. Its use assumes that it is going to take a while before he’s back in action. “The Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix are still on the schedule, but the likelihood of that continuing is small. I’m going to go home, and then we’ll see how to proceed.”Corona virus · 6 hours ago inthe Mexican league, is going to continue to be in empty stadiums
In Mexico, it was decided that the leagues tentative pass over it; but it is because of the corona virus there are no spectators will be admitted. There is, in Mexico, is a Dutch professional footballer, and that’s Vincent Janssen, who last year made the switch from North London to Monterrey.Corona virus · yesterday, at 23:28, Italian football is massive in action
A heart-warming sense of togetherness in the Italian world of football, players and clubs to shoot a massive help to the country due to the coronacrisis to guide them. A lot of the clubs and players to donate money, or effort in other ways tension in the. Thus, donation of a Right-leader, Lorenzo’s Badge for 100,000 euros to a hospital in the city of Naples and will give The new captain Lorenzo Bonucci, 120,000 euros to a hospital in Turin, italy. In this Context serves Josip Ilicic the ball for his four goals against Valencia at the hospital in the City, while the selection of Northern Italian club 50,000 euros donation.

Lorenzo’s Badge, has donated €100,000 euros to the hospitals at Naples to fight the corona virus, the Governor of Campania has been confirmed. ❤️

AvatarAuteurSPORTbibleMoment of plaatsen22:10 – 14 march 2020Coronavirus · yesterday, at 23:07Also, in Egypt, and Senegal to establish leagues still
The corona virus also involves in the African cup in his grasp. The Egyptian league is more than fifteen days in silence, and in that country it is a minimum of one month did not play football. Egypt and Senegal are not the first, African countries take the necessary steps. Previously, it happened that, in the democratic republic of the Congo, Morocco, Gabon and Mauritania.Corona virus · yesterday at 22:56Het european football CHAMPIONSHIP may not be out in the summer of this year, there will be, as it is, in the opinion of the majority of voters in this poll. A great majority of people believe that the European landentoernooi have to be postponed.

The european football CHAMPIONSHIP this summer, will need to be moved due to the global outbreak of the corona virus.

  • Eens78%
  • Oneens22%

Corona virus · yesterday at 22:45 pmswim team is preventive in isolation in Drachten, the netherlands.
The Dutch swim team are going to because of the outbreak of the corona virus is preventive in isolation in a former convent in the town of Drachten, where they for an indefinite period of time, will live and train. “Our top athletes will be happy to continue to prepare for the next tournament, but we will not allow that this poses a risk to their environment,” says technical director, André Cats is one of the KNZB. “That’s why we have a variety of measures were taken to reduce the potential risks to our athletes and their family and friends to a minimum.”

The headquarters of the Dutch swim team for the upcoming eehm… yes, for how long. Self-chosen isolation in a voormaig a monastery in the Netherlands. #feline corona virus

AvatarAuteurEdwin CornelissenMoment of plaatsen16:54 pm – march 14, 2020Coronavirus · yesterday at 22:35in Wuhan, meeting room and can finally get back to China
For the Chinese the Wuhan meeting room can be after a month and a half to return to China. The team was in January, fixed it in Spain, where a training camp was being held. Due to the outbreak of the corona virus was the Wuhan meeting room, not back to China, where the epidemic is past its peak and seems to be. The virus is in Spain in its grip, but it was, according to the coach, José González is not the reason for the return. “It’s not a race for the virus right here. The Chinese league starts in may, and after the arrival, we will be in a quarantine to. We had to go as soon as possible.”Corona virus · yesterday, 22:18world Cup race in Lucerne, and the DEC’s shall be deleted
The World Cup of rowing in Lucerne, it is on the calendar and removed due to the outbreak of the corona virus. The third world cup race of the season would be from the 22nd to the 24th of may will take place in the netherlands. Also, the olympic qualifiers, one of which is in Lucerne and it would be kept, will be removed.Corona virus · yesterday at 21:50Terpstra: “very strange situation”
Niki Terpstra expects a little more from the voorjaarsseizoen, in which he was usually correct, with the greatest chance of a good ranking. “It’s a very rare situation, of course,” said the 35-year-old rider, who today is still in action at Paris-Nice, compared to the NIS. “Here I am, the real day-to-day to find out. However, this may well be the last course of the next few months.”Corona virus · yesterday at 21:15“European football is possible, september is stil
In Europe, it is possible, even up to september, no longer play football due to the outbreak of the corona virus, as concluded in The Independent, on the basis of interviews with the anonymous sources, who are well aware of the seriousness of the situation. In the European top leagues are, in any case, until the beginning of april to be quiet. “But it’s crazy to think that next month we play football in,” said one of the sources.Corona virus · yesterday at 21:06 am“I to move it to december is also an option for a REGULAR’
The post looks to also be a serious option for the establishment of the european visit, december, reports the Daily Telegraph. According to the British newspaper, it is almost inevitable that the euro will be moved to national competitions, no later than June 30th, must be completed. All of the options, including the postponement of the tournament in the summer of 2021, will be on Tuesday during a summit of European football will be discussed.Corona virus · yesterday at 20:58, Argentine bond and threatened with penalties to River Plate
River Plate need to have the fear of the wrath of the Argentine football association. The winner of the Copa Libertadores in 2018, has decided to make it later today, not in the action, against Atlético Tucumán, due to the outbreak of the corona virus, but the Argentine bond is threatened now with punishment. “In this kind of spinning out of control, there is no place for this kind of an individual decision-making. Everyone needs to follow the rules, especially when there is no scientific basis for the cancellation of a match, please notify the association, in a statement.Corona virus · yesterday at 20:46Ook FIFA’s president, Gianni Infantino, put his best foot forward for you. The Swiss was just to see how you can get your hands it is best to wash it.Video

Gianni Infantino, joins @DrTedros in the @WHO in #SafeHands Record. First action is to protect & promote the health of all people. We must act now. Be prepared & ready-to-kick-out – #COVID19. It challenges @alexmorgan13 @alexscott @didierdrogba @Kaka @NiallOfficial & YOU to join in.

AvatarAuteurFIFA.comMoment of plaatsen13:47 – 14 march 2020Coronavirus · yesterday at 20:20 ofthe Seventh test with a positive result at Sampdoria
The corona virus has Sampdoria lot to deal with. The Polish defender Bartosz Bereszynski is the seventh player from the Italian club have been infected. Rather publish Manolo Gabbiadini, Omar Colley, Albin Ekdal, Antonino La Gumina, Morten Thorsby, Fabio Depaoli positive for the virus.

Niestety uzyskałem pozytywny wynik testu na COVID-19. Czuję się dobrze. Pomimo zachowania odpowiednich środków ostrożności w ostatnim czasie, nie, udało mi się uniknąć zakażenia wirusem. Dlatego proszę, abyście byli odpowiedzialni i w miarę możliwości pozostali w domu.

AvatarAuteurb_bereszynskiMoment of plaatsen18:23 – march 14, 2020Coronavirus · yesterday at 19:45Mikel wants to be and that the Turkish league will also be shut down
In Turkey, it is still currently play soccer, but Trabzonspor’s midfielder, John Obi Mikel, should the season be shut down. The Nigerian will be tomorrow against the Istanbul Basaksehir will play. “There is more to it than football. I don’t want to play in this situation, I feel here is not good,” says Mikel on Instagram. “Everyone else would be at this time at home to be with family and loved ones. For the season, it would have to be shut down because the world is more turbulent times.”Corona virus · yesterday at 19:34, the Former Twente defender Thesker is infected
Stefan Thesker is the next one in Germany that was infected with the corona virus. The former defender of FC Twente, Fortuna Sittard, in the next two weeks in quarantine. The 28-year-old Thesker is now Holstein Kiel, in the number-seven in its Second Season.Corona virus · yesterday at 19:20, Van der Poel: ‘the Uncertainty is the hardest part’
Mathieu van der Poel, it would be nice to find if there is an end to the uncertainty over the continuation of a number of courses. “The total uncertainty is the hardest part”, he said to The Newspaper. “The one thing I do know is that tomorrow I will be back on the bike and will take steps. No one can say where the next contest is up. Where are we going in the next few weeks now that work out? What time you going to peak? In a sense, it would be better to have it as soon as possible, provide clarity, and to say that there is not a single voorjaarskoers run it.Corona virus · yesterday at 19:05De soccer players from Real Madrid, have been for a while now in quarantine, once a basketball player, the Spanish club will be positive, was tested for the corona virus. Team captain, Sergio Ramos, however, does not bother to get in shape at home, a work-out.Video

Teletrabajo. // Teleworking. 🏃🏻♂ 🏋🏻♂ #YoEntrenoEnCasa #ITrainAtHome

AvatarAuteurSergio RamosMoment of plaatsen13:25 – march 14, 2020Coronavirus · yesterday at 18:38, the Sixth Sampdoria player, tested positive for
Fabio Depaoli, is the sixth player from Sampdoria, who are positive, it is tested for the corona virus. The Italian club gave up earlier today and still no updates to give you in order to avoid unnecessary panic, but Depaoli on Instagram that he is infected with the virus. “It’s an invisible monster that is our distinction, touching, writing for the advocate. “Unfortunately, I tested positive for. I just want you to know that it is good to me.”

Ciao amici… Purtroppo sono risultato cfzone all COVID-19.
Ci tengo a rassicurarvi che sto bene!
Questo mostro invisibile ci sta colpendo indistintamente, ma, adottando le giuste misure e miles along la direttiva sanitarie, possiamo vincere la nostra più grande partita e tornare più forti di prima.
Un abbraccio a tutte le persone contagiate e un ringraziamento a tutti i medici che ci stanno aiutando. #diamouncalcioalcoronavirus👟🦠
💙🤍❤🖤🤍💙 #depaoli #sampdoria #iorestoacasa #forzasamp

AvatarAuteurfabiodepaoli_27Moment of plaatsen17:05 pm – march 14, 2020Coronavirus · yesterday at 18:14Ook Andrés Iniestra has a message, due to the outbreak of the corona virus. The Spaniard, who now leads the Japanese Vissel Kobe, ask everyone to stick to the protocols, to keep track and discuss the situation in Japan. “The schools have been here for many weeks to close. We are going to be as low as possible, to go outside, almost never do. The situation appears to be once again gradually to normal, but we still have the necessary safety precautions.”Video

Quiero mandar todo mi cariño a todos. Mucha fuerza! ❤❤❤ #QuedateEnCasa #EstamosJuntos

AvatarAuteurAndrés IniestaMoment of plaatsen09:11 – 14 march, 2020Coronavirus · yesterday at 17:46Lionel lionel Messi is calling on everyone to follow all of the recommendations with respect to the corona virus. “Our health should always be of paramount importance. It is a time to be sensible and stay at home. It’s also the perfect time to get the time to enjoy that which you do not know,” says the Spaniard.

Son días complicados para todo el mundo. Vivimos preocupados ” por lo que está ocurriendo y queremos ayudar poniéndonos en el lugar de aquellos que peor, lo están pasando, o bien porque les afectó directamente a ellos wholesale o a sus familiares y amigos, o, porque están trabajando en primera línea para combatirlo and hospitales y centros de salud. Quiero enviarles mucha fuerza a todos ellos wholesale.
La salud debe ser siempre lo primero. Es un momento excepcional, y hay que seguir las following tanto de las organizaciones sanitarias como de las autoridades públicas. Sólo así podremos combatirlo de manera efectiva.
Es el momento de ser responsable y quedarse ‘ and ‘ casa, además, es perfecto para disfrutar ese tiempo con los tuyos que no siempre se puede tener.
Un abrazo y ojalá consigamos darle vuelta a esta situación hospital they.
#QuedateEnCasa #StayAtHome

AvatarAuteurleomessiMoment of plaatsen15:47 – 14 march 2020Coronavirus · yesterday at 17:03 onthe Outside as a precaution in the isolation
Even Diego Maradona could not escape to the safety precautions at the outbreak of the corona virus, to fight against them. The 59-year-old Spaniard has been the club Gimnasia has been commissioned to create in isolation, as he is for his age, and the health risks it runs. “He is in isolation in a single room, because he is one of the risk groups will include”, and let clubarts a Few Tunessi know about it.Corona virus · yesterday at 16:27Sinkeldam voice, with his team-mate Arnaud Démare is the most amusing things of the time in the Gym. “He seemed to be able to jump rope with a strijkboutsnoer. We got there, no idea of, pictures and posted on Instagram. Those were a big hit. And there we were again, kind of. It also helped to keep the positive vibe to keep it,” said the rider of the FDJ.Corona virus · yesterday at 16:19Sinkeldam: “Even to have no morals to Netflixen’
Ramon Sinkeldam was the ten days in a hotel in Dubai, but sometimes not the way he had come. “You’re tired, you do it, but as time goes by,” he said in an interview with the AD. “I did a few core stability exercises, I have had an iPad and a book with me, and that’s about it. At one point I didn’t have the morals to Netflixen. You spend the entire day with your phone, until you get sick. As we have heard, which we have in two weeks in quarantine, when it was finally there was clarity. And we had bikes, so we were able to do that.”Corona virus · yesterday, 15:50In the Netherlands, both in the professional as the amateur football ceased due to the outbreak of the corona virus, but it is in England, is rolling the ball to get to the amateurvelden. The oldest club in the world, Notts County will today be in action.

“The Premier League & EFL has been suspended until April due to the Covid or 19, but some non-league matches are still going ahead. I’m at Notts County v Eastleigh – now the biggest game in England this weekend

AvatarAuteurSimon PeachMoment of plaatsen15:33 – 14 march 2020Coronavirus · yesterday at 15:40Na, the cancellations of the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Australia and, earlier, in China, and we who are of the kingdom of Bahrain and Vietnam, among others, the Dutch Grand Prix will be in danger.Video is Also the GP of the Netherlands on the very rocks by the feline corona virus’corona virus · yesterday at 13:44 isThe start of fund-raisers for the research
Football club The club has been using Facebook as a worldwide fundraising campaign was started to raise money for the research of the antibiotics against the feline corona virus. The actors, the directors, officers and employees of the club have a total of half a million euros, will be donated to a hospital in Milan and put the ball in the general population, and soccer / football fans.Corona virus · yesterday at 13:40Luuk for the Young to speak on behalf of Sevilla, with the Spanish people. Stay at home, it is the urgent recommendation of the head of the club from the Spanish city.Video

🗣️ @LuukdeJong9 with a powerful message ⬇️
#WeareSevilla #StayAtHome #QuédateEnCasa

AvatarAuteurSevilla FCMoment of plaatsen13:00 am – march 14, 2020Coronavirus · yesterday at 13:01 amPlayers of the Telstar don’t want to practice at the Race
A notable message from the engine room. Coach Andries Jonker wanted to be today, Telstar is a decided, but will play against Sparta Rotterdam, but it is the players ‘Kitchen Champion’ Division club and whistled for the coach to return. “Last Friday it was a remarkable moment in time, yes. When I told him that we were able to play football, he took the word and said, ” if you don’t feel bad with them. They had rather not,” says the History is against the NH in the News.Back to top

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