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Throughout the world are becoming more and more sporting events are cancelled, postponed, or finished without the public, because of the corona virus. In this liveblog, we will keep you up to date on all the latest developments.These are the most important sporting events, where a line is to be taken due to the corona virus.Corona virus · 11 minutes ago, theFour members of Team Hare are in a quarantine’
The four members of the Formula 1 team, Haas are in the next few hours in quarantine in Melbourne, australia, reports Yesterday, it was announced that two members of staff at the quarantine was put in, but for now, there are now only two members of the team on the island. “We are expecting the results later today,” reported by One Egg. “Up until that point, I know nothing, and I don’t want to speculate. I’m not a doctor. I am hoping that the results will be negative, and that we will be able to move the way we wanted.” For McLaren, it is the one crewmember put in quarantine.Corona virus · 19 hours geledenOp, his twitter account sounds like Lewis Hamilton is a lot different than a press conference. In Melbourne, ” he said last night that he does not understand that in the Grand Prix this weekend, will continue. On Twitter, he looks exactly forward to the race.

The wait is over. We’re back in Melbourne for the first race of the season 🙌🏾 🇦🇺 #AusGP

AvatarAuteurLewis HamiltonMoment of plaatsen09:43 – 12 march 2020Coronavirus · 31 mins ago –Cristiano Ronaldo is fixed to Madeira, because of the corona virus
Cristiano Ronaldo will return for the moment to return to The serie a champions and now his team-mate Daniele Rugani has been infected with the corona virus. He may, for the moment, from Madeira, trips to the lake. The Portuguese superstar is in this week’s on the island to visit some relatives. He would visit his mother, who recently suffered a stroke and was admitted to the hospital. In addition, he celebrated the birthday of his sister, and report the AS.Corona virus-four hours ago,Oefentoernooi Belgium, and Portugal were cancelled due to feline corona virus
Once again, a cancellation is in the way, because of the corona virus: is a oefentoernooi in Qatar, which is at the end of this month, and was to be held, will not take place. The tournament would be in Belgium, spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Croatia will take part. The tournament was regarded as voorbereidingstoernooi for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS this summer. The national teams will now have an alternative to the search for the oefencampagne.Corona virus · one-hour geledenIn, the Greek Olympia, will be at 10: 00 am pacific time the olympic flame was lit for Tokyo 2020. It is because of the corona virus, a sad ceremony without the public.

You can watch the Lighting Ceremony LIVE from Olympia in Greece, as we ignite the Olympic flame for the #Tokyo2020. 🔥
⏰ The LIVE streaming begins at 17:45pm JST ⏰
👉 👈
#UnitedByEmotion #TorchRelay

AvatarAuthor#Tokyo2020Moment of plaatsen06:22 – march 12, 2020Coronavirus one hour geledenTwee days ago, right, of Utah Jazz players Rudy Gobert, through the microphones of the journalists to touch it. According to the American media has been on him, now that the corona virus identified.VideoUtah-Jazz-basketball player, Rudy Gobert, touch microphones, aanCoronavirus one hour geledenAtlético-striker Diego Costa was last night after the earnings, at Liverpool, makes no sense to have the press-to-talk. That he had to tell this by the direction of the reporters to cough up.Video

AvatarAuteurGolazo🅙Time plaatsen03:49 pm – march 12, 2020Coronavirus · a 2-hour geledenDe of the Grand Prix of Australia, you will need to be cancelled due to the corona virus.

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Corona virus · a 2-hour geledenHet the official twitter account of Formula 1, as if only happy was in australia, and while there is a lot of criticism for the continuation of the race.

✅ The Press conference is fun
✅ Headshot session
✅ Hairodynamic upgrades
✅ Legendary photobombs
We’re officially back in business 😎
#AusGP 🇦🇺 #F1

AvatarAuteurFormula 1Moment of plaatsen08:06 am – 12 march, 2020Coronavirus · a 2-hour geledenStephen Curry superstar Golden State Warriors, responded to the news that the NBA’s tentative still because of the corona virus. “I don’t know that you are in this situation can be compared. We need to look to ourselves and take care of each other. This country will have to go back, but for now, please protect yourself, he says to his followers.

By 2020 ain’t it. Don’t know what to compare this situation to…just gotta buckle up and take care of yourself and those around you. Basketball will be back at some point, but right now, protect yourself and stay safe out there!

AvatarAuteurStephen CurryMoment of plaatsen07:54 pm – march 12, 2020Coronavirus · 2 hours agoThe 35-year-old Hamilton had a suspicion as to why the race is Sunday, for now just continue. “Cash is king, right? I don’t know. But I don’t want to hide it and just give my opinion.” The six-time world champion knows that this is the period in hard for the people of Melbourne, the Formula 1, with approximately 2,500 men and women the staff to come into the city. “I hope so, just that everyone is sanitising hand gel has” emphasized the Englishman. “And that’s for the fans and plenty of precautions. And I sincerely hope that we will see this weekend to get through without any casualties.”Corona virus · 2 hours agoHamilton, surprised and shocked that the Grand Prix of Australia will continue
Lewis Hamilton will find it to be very surprising to find that the Grand Prix of Australia on Sunday is still going on, in spite of the global problems that we face, with the corona virus. “It’s a really shocking fact that we are here, in this room,” said the reigning world champion in Formula 1 on Thursday, during a press conference. “I’m very, very pleased to see that we’re all here. The rest of the world is responding, even though it may be a little late for that. But it is now Home to the borders of the United States of america to close. The CONFERENCE has been postponed. But the “Formula 1″ as usual.” (1 and 2)
Corona virus · 3-hour geledenTwee days ago, made, Rudy Gobert, with whom, and the corona virus has allegedly been identified, there is a perconferentie.Video

Here’s Rudy Gobert is touching a bunch of reporters are going to ” audio equipment for 2 days ago. Today, he tested positive for the corona virus.

AvatarAuteurClutchPointsMoment of plaatsen02:59 am – march 12, 2020Coronavirus · 3 hours geledenSuperster LeBron James reacts in an excited by the news that the national basketball association (NBA temporarily shut down. “”We have to cancel sports events, going to school, going to work. What we really need is for the cancellation of the by the year 2020. What an intense month it has been”, he refers to the death of the Kobe Bryant.

Man, we are cancelling the sporting events, school, office, work, etc, etc, etc, etc. What we really need to cancel is in 2020! 🤦🏾♂️. Damn, it’s been a rough 3 months. God bless and stay safe🙏🏾

AvatarAuteurLeBron JamesMoment of plaatsen06:24 – march 12, 2020Coronavirus · 3 hours ago, the NBA puts the league tentative silence after the infection to a player, Utah Jazz
The American basketbalbond national basketball association (NBA) has decided to have a competition for an indefinite period of time to shut down after a player from the Utah Jazz, Wednesday, the the positive test it on the corona virus. In Utah, the Jazz would be Wednesday the opening three minutes of play against the Oklahoma City Thunder. In the game, it was just before the start, was cancelled when it was discovered that one of the players in the visitors ‘ COVID-a 19-a virus among the members. According to the American media, going to be the in order to, Rudy Gobert, but this has not been officially confirmed. The Frenchman, who recently won the spot, and drove to the corona virus at a press conference, some of the microphones and the recording devices of journalists to the touch, it was not in the stadium, to be present.Corona virus · yesterday, at 23:08The defender Rugani to be infected with the feline corona virus
Daniele Rugani will test positive for the corona virus. The defender of Juventus, according to his club, not ziektesymptonen, but the virus is still with him, reported to his club. Rugani have to be directly in the application.Corona virus · yesterday at 21:02Vierlandentoernooi from saudi arabia cancelled.
A football tournament in Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal and the host nation, Qatar, has been cancelled. This is because of the corona virus. The oefentoernooi at the end of this month, will be held.Corona virus · yesterday at 20:06

Koeman does not know whether international match against the USA will continue
Ronald Koeman does not know whether the international of Orange, against the United States on the 26th of march, will continue. “Or are the Americans coming here? I have no doubt,” says the head coach of the Dutch national team at The World spinning around. “I really don’t know, we have to keep up with all the account. Delay is not possible, because there are no more dates for friendly matches in the direction of the CHAMPIONSHIP. And, people, I’m not a big fan of it. In this context, against Valencia and yesterday was not much fun to look at.”

Corona virus · yesterday at 19:49, isChairman of the organising committee, says that there is no intent to delay Play
Yoshiro Mori, the chairman of the organising committee of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, points out that there are no plans for the event, from set up, due to the corona virus. “There is no plan to change our plans”, said Today at a news conference in Tokyo, japan. The president, responding to the statements of Haruyuki Takahashi, one of the members of the audit committee. He said that the cancellation of the Olympics because of contracts, it is impossible, but that a delay until 2021 or 2022, however, is an option.Corona virus · yesterday at 19:29Ook of the national basketball association (NBA need to remember to believe in it. The match between Golden State Warriors and the Brooklyn Nets will be tomorrow night, people played it because of the corona virus. The game is in San Francisco, was the first GREAT match that goes on behind closed doors is taking place.

Due to escalating concerns about the spread of the corona virus, and in consultation with the City and County of San Francisco, and tomorrow night’s game to us. the Nets, at the Chase Center, will be played without fans. Fans with tickets to this game will receive a refund of the amount paid.

AvatarAuteurGolden State WarriorsMoment of plaatsen19:10 – march 11, 2020Coronavirus · yesterday at 18:36– Final Copa del Rey doesn’t
In the Final of the Copa del Rey, which is on the 18th of april, was to be held, will not take place. The cause of the cancellation is not hard to guess: the corona virus. The Spanish champions are looking for a new date.Corona virus·, yesterday, 18:10 theLine in Fed Cup Final and the play-offduel, the Netherlands
The Hungarian government has made the Fed Cup Finals will be postponed until later. The tournament, which will be between the 14th and the 19th of april in Budapest, to be held, it may be unable to continue due to the corona virus. The play offduel between the Netherlands and China in the 17th and 18th of april and may due to the virus from continuing. The games would be in ‘ s-hertogenbosch will take place.Corona virus · yesterday at 16:58, the Inter-Barcelona and Seville-Rome final postponed due to feline corona virus
The news is fresh: once again, there are games postponed due to the corona virus. The champions League matches The club-Barcelona and Seville-AS Roma you can’t, it will let the union know about it. We are still looking for a new date for the games to catch up.Corona virus · yesterday at 16:15 andAlso the moto gp in Argentina delayed by a corona virus
In the MotoGP race in Argentina on the 19th of april, has been postponed due to the corona virus, reports motorsportbond MOVIE. Due to cancellations of races in Qatar, Thailand and the United States, in Argentina, the season is open, but it is also a game that is so not true. In the first race of the year is it for now, on the 3rd of may is scheduled at the Spanish circuit of Jerez de la frontera. On the 29th of november, in the Argentine Grand Prix will be held.Corona virus · yesterday at 14:41, andTHE wants, for as long as possible with the public to continue to play
It is, for THE time being is not an option for all of the matches in professional football outside of North-Brabant, and people to play with. “We’ll play it for as long as possible with the public,” says executive director, Eric Gudde, after a meeting between the professional clubs at a variety of media. However, love is the bond all of the security risks. If these are delayed, it is an option to make the play-offs at the end of the season will be abbreviated.Corona virus · yesterday at 14:15Finals of the Coupe de la Ligue (league) postponed
In the final of the Coupe de la Ligue (league), and the second cup in France, has been postponed until further notice. Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique Lyon, was at first on the 4th of april to take it, but due to the outbreak of the corona virus is going to make it to the final did not pass. A new date has not yet been found. The movement also has an effect on the championship, Paris Saint-Germain, FC Metz, Olympique Lyon and Olympique Marseille. Those matches will be the weekend of april 4 and 5, without a public to play.Corona virus · yesterday at 13:55 andone at Nottingham Forest in the infected
Just like the players and staff of Olympiacos is also the case for Nottingham Forest and became infected with the corona virus. The two teams have been in the hands of Evangelos Marinakis who is the COVID-19 virus, and yesterday it was fixed. With the club out of the Championship, has the right, everyone take a test to be endured, but they were all of a negative return. The same was the case with the Greek club.Corona virus · yesterday at 13:28 ofAS Roma you can’t play against Sevilla
There is a big chance that the match is in the Europa League between Sevilla and AS Roma, tomorrow has been cancelled. The Italians, the Spanish authorities did not grant permission to land the plane. The union has yet to address the issue is responded to, but that is the only logical option seems to be to take the game to them.

🔴Breaking news: #ASRoma will not travel to Spain for the @EuropaLeague match against @SevillaFC_ENG an after-the-plane-from-Italy was not authorised to land in Spain. More details from post and soon.

AvatarAuteurAS Roma EnglishMoment of plaatsen13:23 – march 11, 2020Coronavirus · yesterday at 13:16, Player of Hannover 96, has corona virus
Timo Hübers from Hannover 96 has been infected with the corona virus. The arrival of the team from the Second Division was, for some time, at home, in quarantine, because of a friend of his, the COVID-19-the virus was contracted. The club’s reason to suspect that the Hübers of the disease on Saturday and has been damaged. Because he has no peers it has seen before, is going to Hanover is that no-one else has become infected. However, the group is now in the virus to be tested.Corona virus · yesterday at 13:10 ofFIFPro: ‘Listen to the wishes of the players
It should come as no surprise that the spelersvakbond FIFPro, the hand of the player has been chosen for the corona virus. According to the association to the clubs to listen to the wishes of the player, as, for example, they do not want to travel to, or less training due to concerns about the virus. “We have to support the players and the unions, who have called for the postponement or cancellation of matches in their local area. Moreover, it will be the smaller clubs that are financially more affected, as they will be in empty stadiums to play in. In the world of football should be showing solidarity.”Corona virus · yesterday at 13:02, James lays opinion on games with no fans
LeBron James is coming back in his mind to make GREAT games without people to play it due to the corona virus. “When I came for the first time in any play, without the fans asked for, I didn’t realize that it’s really a theme. Of course, I would be very disappointed if we have no fans to play to, because that’s what I’m for,” said the 35-year-old James at ESPN. “On the other hand, you have to listen to the people who are in the situation to keep an eye on. If they feel that it is in the best interest of the safety of the players and the league, then we will have to listen.”Corona virus · yesterday at 12:51Dutch Masters is going to do, but without the public
The prix test wegener prize in The week of the Masters is next week, but even though it’s in ‘ s-hertogenbosch will be held. “We have to have all of the relevant parties: to the riders, the federations and our partners. All the support for the sport and wants the games to take place”, says the organization. However, it was decided, due to the corona virus is not public. The sport is now, through a live stream below.Corona virus · yesterday at 11:58 pmthe Sports community to follow the advice the Dutch sports federation NOC*NSF
More and more of the national federations to follow the advice of the GOVERNMENT, and the Dutch sports federation NOC*NSF in order to, this, weekend, in Noord-Brabant, and no sports to keep up due to the corona virus. Following In the footsteps of the national soccer team and the hockey association (knhb) have, among others, the swimming federation, “home”, and softbalbond and handbalbond has announced that all of the races and events in the province this weekend has been cancelled. There will be a lot of other unions follow suit.Corona virus · yesterday at 11:50 pmE-Prix in Jakarta, indonesia cancelled
Following the lead of the race in Rome and It is also the E-Prix in Jakarta, indonesia was deleted. As with the races in Italy and China, which have been made with the view of the corona virus. The race is on for the job in Indonesia was June 6th, the program. To get to the championship, not too short, it is the organization of the Formula, now to get to some places twice, to win the race.Corona virus · yesterday at 11:35 inTHE set are also amateur clubs in the netherlands, from
Following In the footsteps of the professional football this weekend, even at the amateur level do not play football in the North of the netherlands. The BOARD will follow the advice of the GOVERNMENT, and the Dutch sports federation NOC*NSF), part of the corona virus, no other sporting event in the state. The measure, at least to the 16th of march. Next, you will be re-examined.Corona virus · yesterday at 11:31 amMXGP of Argentina at the november
The MXGP of Patagonia has been moved to the end of the month of november. The races were held in Argentina, would be the beginning on the 21st and 22nd of march is to be held, but due to the corona virus been postponed until further notice. Now, it was decided to have the races on the 21st and 22nd of november, to be held on the job in Neuquen. At first, the season has come to an end, but the international motorsportbond has been extended to the grand prix still to be run.Corona virus·, yesterday, 10:23no hockey in california
Even hockey association (knhb) NO, take action against the corona virus. The association is following the advice of the health and safety at all of the matches in california this weekend will be cancelled. In total, we have around 2,000 for matches at different levels, including the league and the cup competition. The measure will be up until the 15th of march.Corona virus · yesterday at 09:47However, the positive coronatest with a rider from the UAE Tour
The Russian, Dmitry Strakhov gets the dubious honor of being the first rider to take a positive and have been tested for the corona virus. The value of the Gazprom-RusVelo staying in a hotel in Abu Dhabi, and is doing well, he reports. Strakhov went off with his crew in the middle east Tour, including the last two trips have been cancelled for the spread of the flu. “It was only after the fifth test was with the virus I could find,” says Strakhov at Cicloweb. “I feel really good, and hold me to the rules and regulations. I hope everything will soon be over.”Corona virus · yesterday at 09:42 ofthe Dutch sports federation NOC*NSF), to become involved in measures of health and safety
NOC*NSF, which aligns itself with the statements made by the GOVERNMENT regarding the corona virus. “All of the recommendations and the measures taken by the GOVERNMENT have focused on the effects of this virus outbreak to contain it or to slow it down. This is a very important objective, which is the Dutch sports federation NOC*NSF will support our” reports to the board. “It is suggested that public health services-GHOR to become actively involved in the process of deciding whether it is a good idea to have an event to go to, whether in their original form.” The sports association supports the decision to include all of the event, in Noord-Brabant, the provisional will be cancelled.

We encourage our members to take action on care ” s for all events up to and including this coming weekend to loads⬇️
#wewinnenveelmetsport #feline corona virus

AvatarAuteurNOC*NSFMoment of plaatsen09:35 – march 11, 2020Coronavirus · yesterday at 09:14 it’sNot a corona virus with Olympiacos
There is not a single player, and one of the staff, and the board of directors of the Greek club Olympiacos for the corona virus detected. The best in the club in a statement on its website. Rather, it was the COVID-19-the virus is found in the owner, Evangelos Marinakis. Therefore, everyone in the club and checked in. Now that everyone is negative and has been tested, the match of the Europa League against Wolverhampton Wanderers tomorrow to continue. The club was due to the virus and will threaten to not to come out.Corona virus · yesterday at 08:46, “Three of F1, people are infected’
Three people who have to work for a Formula 1 team have been placed in quarantine in Australia. You can get infected with the corona virus. According to the British media, going to be the in order to two members of staff from Haas and one from Mexico. They must be in their hotel room and will continue until it is clear whether or not the virus has indeed come. It is not clear whether the positive test and the consequences it has for the Grand Prix this coming weekend.Corona virus · yesterday at 08:28F1-drivers don’t share the signatures of
The Formula 1 drivers to share the whole weekend with the start of the season in Australia will not come from a fan base and engage with them in the picture. The usual handtekeningensessie is not a interviewsessie. Also, the rest of the activities in which the fans are concerned, but also from a greater distance. In this way, the organisation and the drivers from the corona virus.Corona virus · yesterday at 08:18 andin this Context will only be in June of the party
In this context the City is celebrating its placement in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, for the fans around the world. The club is based in the region of Lombardia, which is heavily affected by the corona virus. Because of the fear of the spread was to have an empty stadium, played against the city. However in this Context it is a historical fact, even though with their own fans and parts. “We will celebrate in June of the party’s position and to reduce the risk that we will be able to beat,” said coach Gian Piero Gasperini, after the 3-4 victory.Corona virus · yesterday at 07:54 pmBarcelona refuse to go to Italy is to travel to
Barcelona will travel today to italy for the Europa League game with The club. President, Ángel Torres, the Spanish club and is due to the outbreak of the corona virus, it is not safe to stay in Italy. “What We have is the REGULAR prompt for an alternative location to play. If there is nothing in the current situation, it will change, it will be Barcelona not to go to Italy to travel,” said Torres yesterday in the interview with radio station Onda Cero.Corona virus · yesterday at 07:37, the Hotel is near to F1 racing circuit, close to the feline corona virus
A hotel next to the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne has been closed, after seventy years of a man was positively tested for the corona virus. On the track this weekend for the end of the new Formula 1 season will be held. According to local media, the man is infected with the COVID-19-the virus, once he is in Singapore, nigeria, Iran, and Jordan were there. The person visited the hotel at the track this past Saturday. On Sunday, it was a virus for him to be adopted. The hotel will have two weeks to dichtblijven.Corona virus · yesterday at 07:18 andcorona virus allows for a which is unique
This is the first time that there is a match in the Premier League and will have to be postponed due to the corona virus. It is unclear yet if the match between Arsenal and Manchester City are caught up to be. The club has an understanding for the fans that aren’t happy with it, that the game has been delayed. “We understand how disappointing this is for our supporters, and especially to those who have already been to Manchester have been added to this game. The tickets will be valid for the time being, that the game will be made up.”Corona virus · yesterday at 07:17Players have Scored in quarantine, a duel is postponed
The competition in the Premier League between Manchester City and Arsenal will tonight not. Some of the players in the first half, Arsenal must be up for fourteen days in quarantine, because they have been in contact with Olympiacos and Nottingham Forest owner, Evangelos Marinakis, who is positive, has been tested for the corona virus. It is still unclear as to who exactly it is. Four of the members of the staff of the Arsenal were in the application. According to all that the chances were “extremely small” and that they are actually the COVID-19 is a virus, but would the club not take the risk.Corona virus · on Tuesday, at 23:35in this Context: not a warm reception, because of the corona virus
In this context, it reached earlier in the evening, for the first time in the quarter-finals of the Champions League but the Italian club don’t want to celebrate at home. The club calls on fans due to the corona virus to be in for a very warm welcome to be sure. “In line with the government’s decision to protect the public health, we want to ask people to not have meetings in the city centre of Bergamo, Orio al Serio airport or to the Bortolotti Center in Zingonia in the event, the team will be composed of Valencia city”, as it was in the club know about it.Back to top

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