He said in the speech, nothing of the usefulness of wind turbines to understand

The Us president when He said over the weekend, in a rant against wind turbines is that he was “in the wind, never really understood it”. The president of the United States, are more critical of support for wind farms.

“I know a lot of the wind turbines. I’ve had better studied than anyone else that I know of,” said the president, in a speech to the American conservative youth organization Turning Point USA.

He went on to say that wind turbines are dangerous pollutants to the atmosphere in the drive, but it didn’t say where he is from originally. It is also not clear whether the president intended that the operation of certain substances to create and / or will only produce.

The Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate change, Eric Wiebes, reported last week in a letter to parliament to know, to research, to carry out the emission of the greenhouse gas sulphur hexafluoride (SF6). This is a harmful gas, it is as insulation from the cold, in wind turbines, and may sometimes have small amounts of leakage.

According to the consumer programme Radar, the damage done by these leaks, however, about 0,001% of the emissions reductions achieved by wind power at all times.

The President called wind turbines ‘vogelbegraafplaatsen’

The president added that wind turbines “vogelbegraafplaatsen” problems. “Do you ever have a vogelbegraafplaats to see it? Then take a look at a wind mill stand. You will have more birds than you ever have in your life now. Here, He is not wrong. In a study from 2013 showed that, in North America every year between 140,000 and 328.000 birds can die because they are against the wind flown.

In the Netherlands, started at the University of Amsterdam in the last year of the project, in order to vogelsterfte by the wind turbines against. They want to be, for example, to be able to predict when a group of birds through the wind farms will go, allowing the turbines to be temporarily switched off, can be used.

He also gave a comment on the appearance of the wind turbines. “They have all kinds of different colors. They are a kind of white, but some of them are orange and white. Orange is my favorite color”.

He said that wind turbines cause cancer

Said, He already agreed that the sound from wind turbines causes cancer, a ruling that is not supported by scientific research.

In the same speech, suggested to the president that the value of the houses, 75 per cent can fall as well as in the homes, in addition to a wind mill stand. Also, this decision was not research-supported, although it appears from recent research at the University of Amsterdam with a high wind turbine next to a home’s value may be adversely affected.

Trumps because of the wind turbines dates back, according to CNN, at a time of his political career. The president, who has for years fought for the construction of wind turbines next to his golf course in Scotland is to be avoided.

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