He is former ambassador to Ukraine through the use of Twitter during the hearing

The Us president, when He has it on Friday during the testimony of a former Ukraine’s ambassador Marie Yovanovitch is hard for her out on Twitter.

He wrote, in part: “wherever the Yovanovitch went, and went, and then, suddenly, it is bad. It started in Somalia, and how did that go down? When she went to the Ukraine, where the Ukrainian president did not have her speaking at our follow-up call.”

He has sent his tweets, while Yovanovitch has testified in both the House of Representatives, as part of the impeachment procedure against the American president. As the president of the inlichtingencomit√© of the House, and the Democrat Adam Schiff, on Yovanovitch asked how she felt about the tweet, she said that she is “very intimidated” feeling.

“I don’t know what the president is trying to accomplish, but I do think that the bullying needs to happen,” said Yovanovitch.

Both He, as the White House said that the tweets are not bullying were meant to be, but the fact that they are simply the opinion of the president’s views.

The Democratic y, said the tweet very seriously and see it as a form of intimidation of a witness. As a democrat, Eric Swalwell later said that they consider the tweets as part of the evidence in the impeachment procedure, as an example of obstruction of justice by the Home.

Everywhere, Marie Yovanovitch get used to it, turned bad. She started off in Somalia, how did that go? Then fast forward to the Ukraine, where the new Ukrainian President spoke unfavorably about her from my second phone call with him. It is a U. s. President’s absolute right to appoint ambassadors.

AvatarAuteurrealDonaldTrumpMoment of plaatsen15:01 pm – november 15, 2019 at the latest

“No reason, fired after a smear campaign’

At the hearing, told Yovanovitch, how they are to be the ambassador to this was a smear campaign against her personally, it was directed to and it was carried out under the leadership of Rudy Giuliani, the personal attorney of Donald Trump.

Yovanovitch received at the end of april with a phone call: it was right for Washington to return. When I arrived, she was told that she would be called back. According to the former ambassador, had, she, there is no reason for it to be heard.

She said that the president has the authority to his ambassadors, at the discretion of the lane to send it in. “But why was it necessary to have my reputation to damage?”

Then Home on the 27th of July, a phone call is carried out by the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, was Yovanovitch by him. He described her as a “bad news” and said that “things would go on it?”. Yovanovitch said to have been shocked when they have the partial transcript of that conversation, read this. She felt as zuch, is threatened. “It sounded like a threat.”

The former ambassador denounced further, the schaduwbeleid that are behind the smear campaign against her was part of. Two of the men that Giuliani had helped her with a black-to-make, Lev Parnas, and Igor Fruman, seemed to have a personal financial interest in the efforts of its way to get to be the ambassador. Parnas and Fruman have been in september, was arrested and indicted for the reception of foreign money into American political campaigns.

How did our system fail?” said Yovanovitch. “How is it possible that the corrupt players in foreign countries, our government is able to manipulate it?”

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