He has Western last stop for alcohol problems

RTL News correspondent Frits Wester suffers due to his personal problems with alcohol, take a break, and let the political commentators and the RTL on Friday to know, in a joint statement.

“My health problems are related to alcohol consumption, let it be right now to do my work well and to be able to run it. That is why I take a break to get my restore to work,” to let Western know that.

“RTL has supported me in this and I would hope that the media and the viewer, me, and my surroundings, this time to give back.”

The reporter was criticized after he was on the 8th of september, his record in breaking News is not at all clear, as well as improving. On social media, I started to wonder if he was prior to his performance, and alcohol and had been drinking.

RTL and Western went on in the conversation. This conversation was the reason for that is Western last Tuesday, not at the end of September was good.

The reporter said in the statement, will be overwhelmed by the responses, that is, after the broadcast video. “I take the concerns expressed by the RTL, and the viewer is very, very serious.”

In October 2018 and also all of the fuss is about the tv appearance

In October of 2018, there was also all the fuss about the Western, when he made a tv appearance, gave, after the decease of william, the Cook. Western let a comment to know that he was in the previous days, very little had been slept in.

The duties of a Western, the next period of time will be taken up by the breaking News team in The Hague, the netherlands. “On behalf of my colleagues, I want to wish Steve the best of luck, and have a good recovery,” according to editor-in-chief of RTL Nieuws: Harm Taselaar.

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