He gets on the Supreme court of money to build a wall on border with Mexico

The U.s. Supreme court, president, Donald Trump on Friday with a victory. The government will be allowed to have $ 2.5 billion more than the 2.3 billion euros from the defense budget and to use it to create a wall to be build right on the border with Mexico.

The five conservative justices of the Supreme court of justice agreed, and the four liberal judges voted against it. Thus, it is the decision of the federal court of appeal reversed. The court said at the beginning of July, a ruling by a lower court, which ruled that the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico and stopped it.

He wanted to be, roughly, a billion dollars from the budget of the ministry of Defence for the construction of the separation wall. There was a stop to put it in the lower court, which said that the move is already assigned to public funds is unlawful.

He wanted to make this fiscal year’s us $ 5.7 billion, stretching in front of the wall. As for the Congress, but gave permission for the 1.4 billion dollars, called on the president to declare a state of emergency from the. In this way, he wants the money for other ministries to come pick up. The $ 2.5 billion is the initial amount of a total of nearly $ 7 billion, which He, therefore, hopes that you can get.

He responds, pleased at the news. “Win the wall”, he wrote on Twitter. A “great victory for the troops, and the rule of law”.

Wow! The Big VICTORY on the Wall. The United States Supreme Court overturns the lower court’s injunction, allows the Southern Border of Wall-to-proceed. A Big WIN for Border Security and the Rule of Law!

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The wall is campagnebelofte for the Home

There is a van Trumps the largest promises. The Democrats, who have been since the beginning of January, a majority in the House of Representatives refuse to comply with the limes wall. They will see the value and necessity of the wall, and don’t want to say to the president, the facts get twisted to make his plan a reality.

In February, He and the state of emergency in order to have enough money for the next get together. According to him, it is on the border crisis. For the good of the U.s. economy draws large numbers of migrants who are easy to get the limit pass, according to the president.

During the election campaign, has He always been said that in Mexico, the wall is “100 percent” going to make a living. In the first instance, it will be Us tax payers have to pay for the building, but the cost will be if He is to be charged on the Mexicans.


How to US border issue Mexico’s dealt with it before He


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