He found that the investigation of the abuse of power must be stopped

The Us president, Donald Trump, last Thursday, his anger was expressed about the ongoing investigation into possible abuses of power during his telephone conversation with the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky. He said that the investigation into a possible impeachment procedure should be prohibited.


  • He would be the Ukrainian president is under pressure to have to do some research for Joe Biden.
  • In the previous week, suspended Home, financial assistance to Ukraine.
  • Democrats are having preliminary to the impeachment procedure was announced because of the abuse of power.

On Thursday, the director of the intelligence and security services of Joseph Maguire can be heard by the inlichtingencommissie of the House of Representatives. Therein, he said, with the name of the whistleblower who is in the conversation, and the attempt by the White House to talk with the pet, and to keep it brought out the credibility.

From the notes of the telephone conversation, it appears that He, his Ukrainian ambtsgenoot had been requested to release any information regarding the former vice-president, Joe Biden, who is in the presidential election of 2020, it may be, on behalf of the Democratic party will have to take on the incumbent president, and his son. In the report, and the as-yet-unknown events is that on Thursday it is published, is also Home to the financial aid to Ukraine, had to retain in order for the country to press the issue.

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This can be found in the report of the whistleblower-and He and the Ukraine

‘The whistleblower has a story been told so’

As the Democratic chairman of the committee, Adam Schiff, everything was Muscle, as far as possible, belastends on He to say, and defended them to the Republican party and their president. Their main accusation is that the events of the story, all based on a lot of staff at the White House for him or her to have told you. However, said one representative of the Trumps-party in the conversation of the president with Zelensky performed “don’t work”, it was.

Due to his Democratic colleagues, it was mainly to emphasize how outrageous it is like that, He is a foreign power to enable it for their own political gain.

The Democratic chairman of the inlichtingencommissie Adam Schiff (on the right) and next to him is a Republican Devin Nunes. (Photo: Getty Images)

He commented: “It was a great call’

He summed up later, running off his eyes and, it is in the first few years of his term. “And now I have to deal with Adam Schiff on a perfectly good phone call, and it was absolutely the perfect call”, according to the Us president across a variety of collected media.

“You know, I can hear him all over Joe Biden and his son, who walked away with millions and millions of dollars from the Ukraine, and millions and millions of dollars out of China,” and went Home to continue. “He’s not talking about Joe Biden, who was a plaintiff was dismissed. And if that doesn’t happen, then they would not have the money of the United States. Be there to talk to them about it.”

The Us president emphasized that there is, in his eyes, nothing was wrong with the phone, with Zelensky. “In my house “was perfect”, he repeated. “The president of Ukraine said yesterday that there will be no pressure put on him was laid. But there was nothing. And that’s what he clearly said.”


He calls the research ‘a witch hunt across the perfect call’

He compares the provider information of a spy

According to The New York Times, and in comparison He is the person that is in the content of the telephone conversation, brought out by “a spy”, which was “otherwise dealt with”. Earlier on Thursday, he told his staff members, too, want to know who is the bell ringer of the information provided.

He believes that the impeachment procedure should be forbidden. “There ought to be a way to get it to stop. Might be in court”, hinting he has a potential legal action.

“Some of these Democrats to our country to visit, it is a real shame,” said He by his political opponents, who have taken these steps. He also added that Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the House of Representatives, has been “hijacked by the radical left-wing part of their party”.

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Pelosi: ‘This is a cover up’

“It’s going to be a cover up”, responded to Pelosi in the Oekraïnekwestie. She also added that Maguire, in her view, the law is violated by a report of the events to the White House to step in. That is, the director of the intelligence and security services, including during the hearing to be rubbed.

Carl asked him as to why the Home itself is appointed as Maguire, with a klokkenluiderrapport, in which the president and his attorney general john William Barr had to be charged, calculated according to the White House, this has happened to you and not to the united states Congress.

Pelosi fell on the turn, especially on the brakes. She pointed out that the Democrats need to be patient with the impeachment procedure. “There are people out there who are only to impeachment, but we don’t have to hurry,” said the Democratic leader…. The timing of the next steps is, according to her, especially in the inlichtingencommissie in the House of Representatives.


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