He denies the rape, and writes: “She’s not my type,”

The Us president Donald Trump has repeatedly denied that he was in the early nineties, a columnist of the Villa has been raped. “She’s not my type,” was his explanation, according to American media reports.

He said that, Elizabeth Jean Carroll is “totally lying” about the alleged rape at a department store in New York city.

“I am going to have a lot of respect to say: first of all, she is not my type. And second of all, it will never happen. It never happened, okay?”, told the Home of the Us newspaper, The Hill.

In the first instance, the story Home to her at all today. However, they are in a photograph from 1987, found in The New York Times.

The alleged victim is considering pressing charges, He

The 75-year-old Film did the story in last Friday’s New York Magazine. In interviews with CNN and MSNBC, said that the former writes of the Death that they are considering a criminal charge against the Home concerned.

Carroll insisted that they are teruggevochten to. “I want women to know that you’ll be able to go back and fight,” she said. “I would still be able to stay there because it was so shocking, it was what was going on. But I just wanted to respond to it, and I wanted to fight.”

‘At least 22 women betichten He is now professional misconduct’

According to a survey by the website, as well as the Vox is a Film of the 22 women, who He accused of sexual misconduct. He did all of the allegations are denied. The White House argues that all of these women are lying.

Carroll argues that, by the end of 1995 or beginning of 1996, and was gang-raped in a dressing room of a department store Bergdorf Goodman.

Advice to Trump: ‘Grab them by the pussy’

According to the Film, early He to her for advice on buying lingerie for another woman and asked for her to referred to the item of clothing to fit in. He would be doing so against a wall and have it printed. Only after an enormous struggle,” she would be to him to have been able to drive it.

He has often under attack for his statements about the way in which men and women have to deal with. In a controversial interview, that’s when the joy came out of it, he explained how he preferred the women’s design. “Grab them by the his” advice to the president. “Don’t wait, they are still growing. You can do anything.”


The protesters are playing a non-stop, Grab – ’em-by-the-pussy-video-down in Washington


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