‘He blew out a military attack on Iran, at the very last moment’

The Us president when He went on Thursday, to agree with a military attack on Iran, but it is in the evening, the very last moment, been canceled, reports The New York Times, on the basis of the lay public.

It is not clear why the Home, the action is canceled. Also, it is not yet certain that the attack at a later date to continue. The White House did not want to go to questions from the Us newspaper.

According to insiders, was the highest-veiligheidsofficieren in the White House, have come together in order for the action to discuss it. The attacks would be Home to some of the raketopslagplaatsen in Iran that want to destroy it.

At the time, and that He, the actions of afblies, a number of steps have already been put in motion. The planes would have gone in the direction of Iran, and the fighters would have their position taken up along the coast.

The rockets would have otherwise sat morning have been fired

There would have been no missiles have been fired. That was Friday morning, should be done in order to a minimum the number of injuries and deaths to be the cause.

It would be the third time that He rocket launches in the Middle East, was to be executed. In 2017 and in 2018 and beyond, he did it twice earlier on in Life.

The Us president, Donald Trump. (Photo: AFP)

The tension between the two countries over the past few days further increased. The US accuses Iran of attacks in golftankers in the Gulf of Oman. And Iran is shot on the turn early in the week, a 130-million-dollar cost of American drone down.

According to Trump, the drone is in the “free zone”. The Iranian government has dismissed these claims way, and it has repeated several times that the drone over the Iranian airspace for the idea.

Us aviation authority from flying over Iran

In the American aviation authority the FAA had, in the night from Thursday to Friday, prohibition on entering, allowing the American companies won’t be more than one in Iran are allowed to fly.

Due to the stresses of eight to the FAA it is not safe. The civil aviation authority says that there is a wide range of commercial services in the area when the drone was shot down.


He mentions the shooting down of a drone by Iran’s ‘big mistake’

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