Hazard: ‘My trick? I picture me in that I, with my brothers in the grounds to play football’

As a showcase of the new Nike Mercurial-football boots looks Eden Hazard once back at some of the highlights in his career so far. In that story there is a role for his goals against Marseille and Arsenal.

Eden Hazard in action against Arsenal. © BELGAIMAGE

Eden Hazard starts the interview with Nike with an anecdote about how he, as a young guest at the brand came out of it: ‘Thierry Henry was my idol and he played with Nike, so I asked my mom to be the same few to go buy it.’ Since then, the Belgian dribbelaar the American sportswear brand has always been true.

The first big moment of his career, says Hazard later in the conversation, was his debut for the Red Devils in november 2008 against Luxembourg. ‘Initially, I could not believe it, I had only a few professional matches played. Eventually I was allowed a quarter of an hour for time raids, for someone of seventeen years that it was a fantastic experience. The first selection, for your country is always something special.’

After seven seasons with Lille OSC, where he received his training enjoyed, took Hazard farewell of the French league with a hattrick. ‘I had already scored in the first half, I wanted to be in style leave.” According to the legend, was however not a hundred percent sleep and a Hazard to the kick-off was in his last match for Lille. “We are indeed with the team for a night out the evening before. We were already sure that we third would end up. I admit: much had I not slept for the last match. Maybe I should more often do.” (grins)

Then came the transfer to Chelsea. But Hazard was always carefree playing football, despite the increased public interest. His trick? Pretend you’re in your garden to play football. “To be honest, I try not to think much on a field. I picture me in that I as used to with my brothers in the garden of our house to play. With that thought I step also the field of Stamford Bridge. I just want myself and the audience laugh. They pay for those tickets.’

In 2015 should Hazard his first national championship celebration in the Premier League. He scored the winning goal in the rebound of his own missed penalty kick. “It was not a beautiful goal, but an important one. I knew happiness.” The Red Devil was long known as a strafschopspecialist, but the last time he has that aura kwijtgespeeld. That he comes to the realization himself also. “I had my style: waiting for a first movement of the keeper. But nowadays, they know me too well, I have my way of stairs so what to adjust.’

His goal in the London derby against Arsenal, in February 2016, he mentions one of his favourite goals in the shirt of the Blues. “I dribbled a number of players, afterwards I had a little luck at the finish, but the important thing is that the ball against the nets flew. Along with my goal for Lille against Marseille one of the best ever.’

The favorite goals of Hazard

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