Have Great Hair All Summer Long

Have Great Hair All Summer Long

It’s heating up, but your hair doesn’t have to fall flat when you know what the latest trends are. What are you looking out for in summer 2012?

Pastels are huge, and we’re not talking about babies! Pastel hues from pink, blue, green and purple are everywhere, so if you’re looking to jump on the hottest hair trend this season, lighten up. Either stick with one shade, or follow the lead of some of the biggest trendsetters in hair, and choose two or more colors to make the most of your locks. While some ladies stick to the ends of their hair only — creating an ombre style — others like their pastel color all over. If you’re not sure whether or not you’ll like the trend, clip on hair extensions make it easy to experiment without doing anything permanent. This lets you play around with any color you like with no commitment. If you don’t like it, simply remove those extensions and try another shade.

Are you planning to spend a lot of time at the beach? If so, the natural trend will fit in perfectly! Instead of spending hours of your time painstakingly straightening your hair, let its natural waves and curls loose. This natural vibe is incredibly sultry and fits the beach scene well. After shampooing, apply the mousse of your choice, scrunch and let your hair air dry. Either leave your curls loose or sweep them up with a piece of hair jewelry, one of the hottest new accessories around. Other ways to keep your hair up and out of the way include headbands in bright, graphic prints and colors, and fashion scarves, folded like thick headbands. Keep the look casual and loose to best create a beach-worthy look.

Lighter hair is also “in” for summer, so get ready to create realistic highlights. Place them around your face and on the top of your head for the most flattering look. Blonde, copper, light brown and auburn are all hot shades for summer. Sideswept hair is also big, so think about your favorite style and place color where it’ll have the biggest impact. Either pull lengths to one side and secure with a blingy hairpin or pull a ponytail to one side and secure with pearly pins.

Braids aren’t just for little girls, but don’t simply opt for two pigtails. For summer, try Grecian-style braiding by adding one or two braids from the hairline back, and sweep it into looser lengths for an easy, casual look that fits the season. You may also try a braids and ponytail combo if you want to keep your hair tied up without resorting to the typical bun.

Most of all, have fun with your hair this season! Whether you go for big color, subtle highlights or combo styles, focus on natural, playful and casual this summer.

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