Hassan lost medal on 1500 meters never forget

Hassan lost medal on 1500 meters never forget

Sifan Hassan came Thursday for the first time back in action at the world CHAMPIONSHIP of athletics in London, after she on Monday in the last meters of the 1500 meter in addition to a medal handle. The Dutch, located at 5,000 meters placed for the finals, says that they that blow has processed.

“That was really very heavy, that feeling I never had. I was in a very good shape, but I have a medal lost. That I will never forget,” said Hassan in front of the camera of the NOS. The 24-year-old middellangeafstandsloper was the big favorite in the 1500 meter.

In the 5000 meter is different. Hassan does not belong to the medaillekandidaten, but remained sovereign standing in the series. “I’m satisfied about my race,” said Hassan, who in 14.59,34 second in her heat.

In the last few meters, she could afford to keep. “I have forces to spare. That is important with regard to the final battle.”


Hassan: “I was nervous, because I have little experience on the 5,000 metres’

No miracles

Sunday night is the final of the 5,000 metres. Hassan emphasized that there is no wonders expected of it may be. “I was nervous for the series because I have little experience on the five kilometers. I train far less for this distance than for the 1500 metres.”

“But in the future, this distance is very important for me. I am, therefore, now especially with an eye to the future. I need to gain experience. That is the most important.”

The final of the 5,000 metres starts Sunday at 20: 35 hours (Dutch time). Incidentally, will, Hassan was not the only Dutch are starting. Also Susan Krumins, Saturday handsome fifth was on the 10,000 meters, placed.

Skippers convincingly to the final 200 metres

Skippers with playful ease to the final 200 metres.


A disappointment for Douma. He goes right for the finish line in the 1500 meter down.

Sifan Hassan is smiling across the finish line in her series on the 5000 metres.

Sanne Verstegen in action at the series of the 800 metres.

Susan Krumins puts himself easily for the finals in the 5000 meters.

Sanne Verstegen squeezes everything out on the 800 metres.

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