Hassan after a suspension by a coach: “I’m clean and don’t have anything suspicious seen

Sifan Hassan was “shocked” by the news on Tuesday that her coach, Alberto Salazar, for four years, has been suspended by the U.s. antidopingbureau USADA. The Dutch athlete, emphasizes that she’s never been drugs used.

“I know, I’m a clean athlete, ben,” said Hassan on Tuesday, the atletenhotel in the heart of Doha, where they have the Saturday world CHAMPIONSHIPS, won gold in the 10,000 m. “I’ve never seen anything wrong with that, and that I will never do that.”

The 26-year-old Hassan is training, since by the end of 2016 in the United States, the so-called the Nike Oregon Project, which Salazar, the head coach is. When she was almost three years ago, it was decided by him to go work out, it was dopingonderzoek the Americans have already been put in place.

“The suspects were six years ago. When I was there and I was in the research, never asked”, he continued Hassan. “I’ve never seen anything suspicious in our training group.”

According to Alberto Salazar, the coach of the Sifan Hassan, who for four years has been suspended. (Photo: Getty Images)

Salazar is no longer welcome at the world cup

According to the USADA, it is a proven fact that the 61-year-old Salazar is a multiple doping rule it has broken. He is an “unacceptable health risks” have been taken with the athletes. It would, among other drugs, are prescribed where there is no medical necessity to do so.

“You know, I have my own doctor in the Netherlands, and to give advice to me,” said Hassan. “My medical care in the Netherlands, and Salazar are not looked after. I’ve got nothing to hide, I’m getting every month and tested it, and I think we could even do it every day.”

Now, with the allegations to the suspension have led to, allowed Salazar to immediately, no athletes, and more to assist you during the world cup, where Hassan in the 1,500 m for her second gold medal wants to take.

The Dutch Atletiekunie has a head coach, Charles van Commenée, to be put forward for Hassan to guide you through the rest of the tournament.

Sifan Hassan for the gold in the 10,000 m. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

“Where do I have to change the coach comes from?’

Monday’s training, Hassan is still with Salazar, but since the suspension is announced, she has not been in touch with him. “I am shocked by the suspension, during the world cup is announced,” said Hassan. “It’s important to me that I now get to stay in my head in the direction of the 1,500 meters.”

Hassan would not have to think about what this means for the long-term means to her. They are leaving don’t want to be the united states, where she and former marathon runner, Salazar is still better, and this year, and it dominates in almost all the distances that they run.

“Next year is the Olympic Games in Tokyo, japan. Where can I as a coach have come up with a similar kind of exercise? In the US, I have several of the coaches from the group of Salazar, and I think I’m going to be with them, you can go on. But for now I’m focusing on the 1,500 metres.”

In the series of the 1,500 meters on Wednesday to the program at the Khalifa International Stadium and the final on Saturday night. When Hassan was once again a world champion, is the first Dutchman with two-time gold medal in the world CHAMPIONSHIPS.

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