Has the swallowing of pills effect?

In the form of pills, capsules, or drops an extra shot of vitamin is taken. How meaningful is it to vitamins to swallow? And if you for a supplement choose, where should you look for?

Eat at least 250 grams of vegetables and 200 grams of fruit per day, this is the advice of the Health council.

According to the national Institute for public Health and the Environment (RIVM), we eat 8 per cent more fruit than before. That comes down to one mandarin a week or two apples per month.

Also, we eat a little more vegetables, but it seems that a lot of people through their diets the recommended daily allowance (RDA). You can that deficiency with vitamin pills supplement?

“It is not a sin if you have the ADH does not always achieve’

It can’t hurt to get that recommended amount of a day not to pick up, says Astrid Postma-Smeets, expert Nutrition & Health at netherlands Nutrition centre. “It does not mean that you are bad, but the further you afzit, the more room there is for improvement.”

According to Postma-Smeets you walk only at the half of that RDA or less likely to have a vitamin deficiency. “Still, it has a great advantage for your health to get recommended amounts of to pursue. Your body has each day vitamins and minerals necessary for the bones to firmly hold and blood cells to make.”

To the vitaminetarget to pick up, choose some people to supplements to to swallow. Certain groups is that even recommended. “For young children is that they have an extra vitamin D and vegans may be the best vitamin B12 pills, because they do not have enough to get through their vegetable diet.”

“It is not proven that people who took vitamin pills to swallow less likely to get sick”
Astrid Postma-Smeets, expert Nutrition center

In addition, medication can cause you extra vitamins are needed as this with long-term use sometimes directly or indirectly influence on your metabolism or the functioning of vitamins and minerals. “Use your medicine, ask your doctor whether you they understand additional need or not.”

It is according to the expert of the netherlands Nutrition centre, however, not for everyone of interest to the jars with supplements to grab. “There is no evidence that people outside of those risk groups fall, but pills to swallow, there is benefit and, for example, less likely to fall ill.”

The netherlands Nutrition centre advises these groups to give extra vitamins to swallow:

  • Folic acid for women who wish to become pregnant
  • Folic acid and vitamin D for pregnant women
  • Vitamin B12 for vegetarians and vegans
  • Vitamin D for young children, the elderly and people with dark skin
  • Vitamin K for babies up to three months

‘Vitaminepil may not substitute for vegetables or fruit”

Renger Witkamp, professor of Nutrition and Pharmacology at Wageningen University, agrees that you should try as many as possible of the vitamins from whole foods. “But I find that more people advice may get extra to swallow, intensive athletes, for example. In some cases they are so busy with their energy – and protein intake that sometimes – depending on what products they use – the intake of vitamins is less than optimal.”

According to Witkamp, some experts are reluctant to risk groups to expand, because the excuse could be to not more full to eat. “It would be people can boost their health from a jar instead of from their power supply.”

Expert advice: try as much as possible, vitamins from vegetables and fruit to pick.

Read the label carefully

Those who still decide to vitamins to take but not within a risk category falls, will Postma-Smeets the advice to be careful and the label easy to read. “Please note that you are not much more than the RDA intake. What that is, is always on the label.”

Supplements available from the chemist, pharmacy or supermarket according to Witkamp generally safe in normal use. According to him, applies, in the Netherlands there is a strict laws and regulations surrounding the production of supplements. Mutually, there would be little difference in quality.

“But be careful with special preparations, which are particularly available via internet. They contain an extremely high dose, and are very far removed from nature.”

“An excess of vitamins can long term use be harmful”
Astrid Postma-Smeets, expert Nutrition center

Some manufacturers go a long way. This is the RDA for adult 70 milligrams of vitamin C per day, but contain some pills sometimes up to 1,000 milligrams. Converted, that is about the same as 1 kilo of cooked peppers, or 20 pounds of apples. According to Postma-Smeets you have nothing to huge amounts of.

‘If it doesn’t harm not’ going according to her not on pills. “You get happy not just overdose, but too much can long term use be harmful and annoying symptoms.”


Fact or myth: vitamin waters are good for you

Overdoses lead to numbness in hands and feet

A too much Vitamin C pee you off, but an overdose of vitamin B6 can cause numbness in the hands and feet of lead, and an excess of magnesium to stomach – and intestinal complaints.

An overdose of vitamin from food, according to both experts, is almost impossible. Postma-Smeets: “There are very few products where you really danger.”

The exception, according to her liver, because there is a lot of vitamin A in it. “But then you would for a long time, really fifteen sandwiches liverwurst per day should eat.”

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