Harry Styles and the purgatory of One Direction

After the immense success of One Direction try to the boys for their own account, Harry Styles on the head. Many did it for him already, from Robbie Williams to Justin Timberlake. But they were no longer a member of their band, Styles is.

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Since a few weeks Harry Styles, always the unofficial frontman of One Direction, a solo album, entitled Harry Styles – the man loves clarity.

Harry Styles – the plate, not the man – we can hear all the mainstreamgenres from four decades of pop history pass. Single Sign or the Times had the demo of a young David Bowie. Further, we hear funky things, songs that live ever rock’n’ roll and even a ballad that floats on Blackbird-like gitaargepingel. Sometimes it sounds fake and kapotgeproduceerd, sometimes you hear just a strong popnummer. In any case, here is an artist, who his One Directionverleden of wonder will shake.

Or not, of course, because the band is still together, they since december 2015 in the pause mode. Forgetting that a lot of reviewers who are ready to Styles down to sabelen: as long as the band can still come together, he may not make it to his musical trajectory so far to clear such as Robbie Williams and Justin Timberlake could when they, respectively, Take That and *NSYNC left.


Forgetting that a lot of reviewers who are ready to Styles down to sabelen: as long as the band can still come together, he may not make it to his musical trajectory so far to clear such as Robbie Williams and Justin Timberlake could.

That is easy to illustrate by the litmus test for a new Major pop Star: the first serious interview in Rolling Stone. Timberlake went in 2003, after the release of Justified, with a straight leg in at his former buddy’s: ‘I thought that people teenpoplabel on *NSYNC pasted, because they have not understood what it was. I look back now and realize that it is exactly that was. Two decisions, I do: I never want to teenpop do and I never want to not realize what something really is. I had the great with the guests, but I think that what I’ve made ten times better than any what ‘N Sync has made? Yes, I think so. But I am a opschepper.’

Also Zayn Malik, who left the band before the break, did not chip a lot of the repertoire that he had recently been so passionate for souls that had brought. ‘One Direction is not the music I would listen to. If I should have a dinner date, I would have cooler shit to play.’

What can you do then, Harry Styles, have to say? “I’m glad he’s doing what he loves to do’, to replicate Styles on the failure of his former bandmaatje. The rest of the interview is balancing between zelfbevlekking à la ‘The most important thing was that I honestly wanted to be. I had previously not yet done that. “and the open wipes to 1D as I love the band and close nothing out for the future’. Diplomacy, it is our what.

Cocaine Katie

Another plus that Harry Styles can barely play: dirty talk. There is now little better suited under a boysbandjuk than what dirty talk in your songs smuggling. Or Pillowtalk, such as Zayn Malik calls it in his debut single. Justin Timberlake gambled in Rock Your Body that he his love interest from the clothes would get for the song was done, something that he’s got something to literally took, when he the breast of Janet Jackson bared during the final of the Superbowl. Robbie Williams played private and musical map of the narcotics with an unmistakable reference to ” Cocaine Katie Moss in the South of the Border.

But Styles can’t do that until he knows for sure that his image is never more in the tight straightjacket of One Direction should fit. Who is reading between the lines, here and there a fine innuendo (And now she’s all about me, it’s like I paid for it / it’s like I paid for it, I’m gonna pay for this in Kiwi), but nothing that parents of teenage girls from Harry Styles – the man, not the plate – to purchase.

Singer Mitski wrote in a review the following about the album: ‘listen to me a bit different to do thinking about Harry Styles as a typical schoolboy – but not very different. It is as if he were next to you at the bus stop and the last year what else has dressed. When you see that, he turns to you and he asks you if you The Beatles you know. Your response: “Um, yes?” to which he replies that he just has to know.’

Provisional state Styles, so with one foot in the rock’n’ roll, and the other in the tienerdromen, and that we may him not faulting indicate. Just as we should forgive that the album excels in originality. Did Life Thru A Lens, the first of Robbie Williams. South of the Border, that the number of Cocaine Katie, flopped even to William’s standards and helped his solo career, actually to the philistines. Until he decided to get a fourth single in the battle to throw and therefore grip to the one Britpoppastische that he had lying around: Angels, who, one option to Don t Look Back In Anger where Noel and Liam Gallagher do evil to look back. The rest is not Britpopgeschiedenis, but history.

Why then all judgments about a young man in his twenties with one not-too-terrible picture? It will be a sign of the times.his, surely?

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