Harris presented Medicare-for-all plan that does not increase the middle class taxes, prior to the debates

in the vicinityVideoBiden, Harris will unveil new policy plans prior to the second democratic debates

In 2020, the White house hopefuls are trying to attacks and avoid dispute.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris on Monday presented a plan to drive the country in the direction of a government-supported Medicare-for-all healthcare in the next ten years.

But in contrast to the proposal, one of their biggest rivals for the democratic nomination – independent sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont – the plan of the California Democrat, the private insurance companies of hundreds of millions of Americans.would not eliminate completely,

And Harris emphasizes that, in contrast to Sanders, they would not increase taxes on the middle class to pay for their Medicare-for-all system.

“An idea of Senator Sanders, for example, is irradiated to make the increase in taxes for families, as little as $29,000 in the year,” your campaign, such as you published your candidate plan. “She believes that hits SMEs particularly hard, so that they are highlighted is not more taxes on families making under 100,000 US to help the Dollar, to pay for this plan,” your campaign.


The publication of the plan comes two days before Harris is in the middle of the stage next to the former Vice-President Joe Biden in Detroit in the second round of the primaries debates.

Biden, the front-runner right now in the 2020 Democratic race, and the only top-tier candidate, with no support for a single-payer Medicare system, has repeatedly jabs taken this month at Harris about a lack of straightforwardness, as you would pay for your plan.

At the end of last week, the former Vice-President singled out again and Sanders for being honest about the impact of the implementation of the single-payer health care plan.

But Biden into question Harris is asked’ truthfulness.

“I find that people say they are for Medicare-for-all, but they are not taxing the middle class, because we need to do that. Come on. My point is, this is a fantasy world here,” Biden emphasized.

“I think we should have an honest debate. You see, you can’t go and you can’t run for President and beat Donald Trump to pay without leveling with the American people about what you do and how you’re going for. I’m eager to see the debate,” he added.

Harris says, to pay for your plan, you would become the target of Wall Street, the taxation of stock trades on .2 percent, bond trades at, 1 per cent and derivatives transactions to .002 percent The former California attorney General said she would at the end of foreign tax havens by the taxation of offshore corporate income to the same prices, as they are taxed in the United States

The candidate argued that these proposals would raise more than $2 trillion over ten years, she says, that’s more than enough to make up the difference by raising the middle class income threshold of $100,000.


Harris also illuminated that your plan allows private insurers to offer Medicare plans, “the strict Medicare requirements” as part of the system you are proposing. She compared it with the one-third of the Medicare-seniors, currently additional private plans.

In the announcement, your proposal, Harris stressed that “now is the American health care system is a patchwork of plans, providers, and costs, people are frustrated, abandoned, powerless, and insurance companies responsible. And the bottom line is that health care costs too much.”

Your proposal – if enacted – it would allow all Americans have the opportunity to buy in to Medicare – similar to what is beating Sanders.

It would be a ten-year phase-in period. During the transition phase, the newborns and the uninsured would be enrolled automatically backs up, in the public Medicare system. Harris explained that the “extended phase-in period, all doctors to the system and provides a clear path for employers, workers, the under-insured and other government-provided programs, such as Medicaid or the Affordable Care Act exchange for the transition.”

She added that the expansion of the transfer window to reduce the overall cost of the program.

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