Hari probably has a cracked ankle, and hopes for a quick return

Badr Hari does not easily reduced to the titelgevecht with Rico Verhoeven. The dog has a cracked ankle and will soon be a third game for the title of world champion.

“It’s a leg of Badr, it is to-night, in the plaster of paris set, and tomorrow it will be further examined in the hospital,” says his trainer, Mike Passenier on Sunday against NUsport. “He has no fractures, and it is something to do with the collars.”

Sources had the world champion in heavy weight on Turkey on Saturday in Arnhem, the netherlands twice, for up to eight seconds to the ground, before he entered the third round with a spiral staircase in self-hurt. With tears in his eyes, he had to give up and was on a stretcher out of the bus station and carried in an ambulance to the hospital.

“He will have a few months to recover, for how long, exactly, has yet to be clear,’ says Passenier. “After that, he will train hard to get back to you.”

1112Bekijk of the fight between Rico Verhoeven and Badr Hari

Hari wants to be just as Consistent with a third fight

In the first duel with a Turkey-three years ago, it was supposed, Hari already set up with a broken arm. Turkey said on Saturday, shortly after the final match there will be a bit far as he is concerned, a third meeting will come.

Also, Hari will be re-Consistent, in the ring. “First of all, we will probably be a smaller race, and then we will go for the championship belt against Rico,” said Hari’s work as a trainer.

Up to the time at which Sources are the collars and tore it, so it’s a duel you want, for a Moroccan Customer. “It all went really smoothly, just like we always had in mind”, says Passenier. “It is very unfortunate that it has ended.”

Passenier, enjoyed the atmosphere in the bus station, where 31.000 spectators, without incident, to the duel and looked at them. “I would have never thought that kickboxing in Holland is so popular it could be. We have a great show to put down, and that’s what we want to do it again.”

85Verhoeven furious fighter, and Gerges, during a press conference

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