Hardwell and Paul de Leeuw show cultuurtips for CJP

Hardwell and Paul de Leeuw show cultuurtips for CJP

Hardwell, Paul the Lion and Albert Verlinde go with thirty other well-known Dutch cultuurtips share with young and old. They are together with, among others, Frank van der Lende, Eva van de Wijdeven, Guido Bacon and Boris van der Ham CJP Funders.

There are 33 CJP Funders to work, made CJP Monday known. They are going to people enthuse about what they culturally can all do.

They send in tips about their favorite books and performances via e-mail to people who can log on to the website of CJP Funders.

After registration they will get from the beginning of October on a monthly basis to three tips of their inspiration in their mailbox.


Sara Madou, editor-in-chief of the CJP, has devised the project in collaboration with A’dam-E. V. A.-director Norbert ter Hall.

“With the CJP pass, everyone gets to thirty years of discount culture, but our tips are for everyone accessible and interesting. Therefore, we propose this initiative is open to everyone in the Netherlands. Because: the more people active the better. We found culture to be an essential part of life. Because your horizon is wider makes for example, and you have more understanding for the world around you.”

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