‘Hardcorepionier DJ Dano stood at the basis of the current dance music’

‘Hardcorepionier DJ Dano stood at the basis of the current dance music’

Photo: Petra Katanic

Music journalist Arne van Terphoven find DJ Dano as a pioneer on the basis of the current dance music scene. Friday appears a biography about the musical, but also sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll-past of one of the founders of the hardcore.

The netherlands took with hardcore, with DJ Dano as one of the pioneers, a competitive advantage at an organizational, logistics, financial and the field of music, says Of Terphoven against

The choice Of Terphoven to a biography about the life of Daniël Leeflang, the real name of DJ Dano, comes from the stories about the deejay in his earlier book Mary Go Wild. In addition, he is of the opinion that the gabbercultuur is very much undervalued. “At the time, they were always a bit dismissed as idiots. That is not incomprehensible, but that dancescene in the Netherlands is as big as he is now, is thanks to the hardcore.”

In addition to the musical success, led Leeflang especially in the nineties and in the first decade of the 21st century, according to Van Terphoven a life that for a large part consisted of “sex, drugs, violence and rock ‘n ‘ roll”.

“The story of DJ Dano, is dramatic. Not that the only misery is, but it’s an example of how it is one of the pioneers is gone. You will learn that there is more behind it than just the thousands of ‘pills slikkende’ party in a hall.”

Leeflang explains in the book that he was during his heyday for 1,500 guilders a week on drugs spent. Also he explains not proud of that time. “I wanted to continuously that vibe feel. That hype are. Things that I had never seen, I wanted to see, I wanted to feel. With the pills the same, thirteen pills at the party and then another one before going to sleep,” said Dano in the book What the Fok, Old.

Difficult period

According to Of Terphoven made Leeflang a difficult period when the hardcore in the late 90s collapsed. He also made according to the biographer the wrong choices: “He sold his collection of 11,000 vinyl records for 3.500 euros. A large part had he been digitized on a hard drive, but that was during his absence by a member of the household is exchanged for a packet of coke.”

DJ Dano was the last two years even so, a hundred times behind the turntables at parties. Nowadays he also works as a contractor in the construction, errors that he in the past was not to repeat. “The dj’s now have bookers, managers, agents, coaches, and so on. The pioneers had not. Which were when, in the fall, so that the generation after that knew that they would not in had steps.”

“He was in the 90’s what Martin Garrix is now. He earned as much money, basically enough to now no longer having to work, but he chose a different lifestyle,” explains Of Terphoven. “Dano was not concerned with the Tax office, so he got suddenly a large attack.”

“Pioneers often bad, and in the dancewereld that is certainly so. The precursors were moths that are not involved with scale-up or commercial matters. That is only later.”

Daniël Leeflang – DJ Dano

DJ Dano in Zurich.
© Michel Klaassen

DJ Dano with the Dreamteam: Buzz Fuzz, Gizmo and The Prophet in Adelaide, Australia.
© Ferry Salee

DJ Dano with the Dreamteam: Buzz Fuzz, Gizmo and The Prophet in Adelaide, Australia.
© Ferry Salee

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Cultural history

The dancejournalist says be aware that many people in the Netherlands DJ Dano do not know, except if you’re part of the hardcorescene. Nonetheless, he found that this book had to be written about the life of Leeflang and hardcorecultuur in the Netherlands. “The story does certainly not under that of Herman Brood or Hazes.”

“Hardcore and DJ Dano are the basis of an important part of our cultural history, the current success in the dancewereld. Make no mistake, gabber is the largest youth culture in the Netherlands has existed.”

Of Terphoven says that in the nineties, little was written about hardcore. “But if there was written, it was about bald heads and excesses with speed and ecstasy,” says Van Terphoven.

Although the hardcorescene less prominent than in the 90’s, and is, according to the biographer still very large. “It looks a little less extreme, and it is more embedded in the normal society. You see people with a bald head on the street with an aussie which you think ‘that is a gabber’.”

The book, Which has been Breeding, Old Friday, sale.

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