Hard, soft, or anywhere in between: for example, calculate the cooking time for the perfect egg

A hot boiled egg on top of your board to turn, it is not as easy as it seems. For a minute, too short, or too long in the water, it can make a big difference. Know that there are ways to calculate how long an egg needs to cook for before it’s in your mind is perfect?

In have is for a year and a day to find out that you have an egg between eight and ten minutes to cook a hard-boiled egg, to get it. A hot boiled egg, is a four-to-five minutes. The exact time will depend on a number of factors, including the size and temperature of egg, the temperature of the water and the air.

But, first of all, what is the perfect soft-boiled egg? “That’s all,” says Huub Oudshoorn, who is the chief chef, and a member of the board of the foundation of the World, Eidagen. “But in culinary terms, it is ideal if the protein is coagulated and the yolk is still liquid.”

This is made possible because of the egg white and egg yolk at various temperatures for solidification. “The egg at 67 degrees celsius, the egg only 80 degrees,” says Oudshoorn.

A lesson in eggs and cook

At the Eindhoven university of technology, will give the teacher Hjalmar Mulders, each year for a student to graduate, that they need to figure out how to the ultimate soft-boiled egg is given, and it is also, in practice, have to take. “That’s very interesting insights,” explains Mulders.

“Some of the students decide to get the egg at 67 degrees, and cook it, but it will take a very long time. Leave them in the egg for a few minutes to cook, and the outside of the pan doorgaren.”

“The freshness of the egg determines whether or not it is easy to peel, or not at all.”
Huub Oudshoorn, who is the chief chef

“You can take the time, indeed, is equipped with a couple of minutes to reduce it by just the fire, turning after a minute or three, and lay them in the hot water,” says Oudshoorn increase. “Since the protein is already freeze at 67 degrees celsius, the process will still take a while to do all the time.”

Let them be scared of an egg, has no effect at all on the ‘long’. (Image: 123RF)

So, take your time out

You can calculate the length of time the eggs need to cook? “Yes,” adds Mulders. “You can do that is to calculate the so-called fourriervergelijking the warmtediffusievergelijking. But it’s quite complicated, because the egg is at first fluid, and the heat, it also makes the egg spread. Slowly, slowly, it coagulates the protein so the heat is becoming less and less of it.

But don’t worry, the amateurnatuurkundige can make it a lot easier for the online calculation by the calculator, among others, to perform no matter how big or how heavy the egg is, and whether or not it is right out of the fridge, or at room temperature.

It is a good idea to take the eggs immediately into cold water to soak, once the cooking time has elapsed since the egg is different doorgaart, and the yolk is still consistency. It’s called “let’s scare’ of the egg, according to the chef, Oudshoorn, however, has no effect on the peeling of the eggs. “The freshness of the egg determines whether or not it is easy to peel off or not. A fresh egg while it is harder to peel than old eggs, but the set does look nicer.”

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