Hans Teeuwen want English not longer please

Hans Teeuwen want English not longer please

Hans Teeuwen is on the eve of a new tour through England. The comedian had dreamed for years of an international career, but there is no longer out of his English audience to please.

“I never intended to pleasen,” says Teeuwen in an interview with The Guardian.

“If they don’t like it, okay, then they find nothing.” Teeuwen is going to include London, Birmingham and Brighton with a custom version of his new show Real resentment.

Therein is shying away from the subject of islam. “That can’t be. It is still the most dangerous subject that there is, the greatest taboo. As a duty for the mankind should I incorporate in my show.”


Teeuwen has to say found a way to the subject of islam make funny. “In my show drive I the mockery of the islam, but I mocked muslims rarely. That distinction is important, between the hatred of bad ideas, and that against people. I’m going to xenophobia is not encouraging.”

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