Hans Kazan can not explain how much he of his wife

Hans Kazan can not explain how much he of his wife

Hans Kazan writes on his blog that he can not properly describe how much he and his wife Wendy. The magician and his wife are this year, married 40 years.

“I’ve tried to put into words why I so much love her and what her so special. All attempts were however short to the sincerity of my feelings,” says Kazan.

“That’s why I leave it so. This is perhaps the most beautiful and most pure. Not able to explain exactly why you love someone, but just be sure know that it is so and that it always will remain,” continues the 63-year-old presenter his story. In 2013 he placed a photo of him and his wife when they married for 36 years.

According to the magician is the harmony between his personal life and busy schedule due to his wife. “Steadfast and with love, she holds our lives together. Without her, would the soul out of my life.”

“As long as we are together. That is happiness,” concludes Kazan.


Kazan married on 25 June 1977 with Wendy and has already often been his love for her expressed in the media. According to Kazan differences he and his wife not far from each other. “It is often said that opposites work best, because they attract each other like magnets. But we do understand of exactly the same things,” he said earlier in the Girlfriend.

Kazan has four children. In 2008, he did it with his wife and children to the SBS 6 program Greetings from the Boondocks.

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