Hannity: The Dems are finally starting to listen to me

in the vicinityVideoSean Hannity on the coming, Müller-testimony

Sean Hannity on the upcoming testimony of Mueller

Fox News “Sean Hannity spoke on Thursday about what he saw as one of the top Democrats,” is apparently moving feelings about former Special Counsel Robert Müller’s testimony, scheduled for next week.

“According to the AP, Democrats to hear in the beginning are now Hannity,” he said.

“You worry about the next Wednesday hear-I’m thrilled.

“These questions have been thoroughly answered in the detailed, open political, poorly-written,… 448-page report.”

The “Hannity” host added that no matter your sudden concerns, some Democrats are still the drum of the agreement between President Trump and Russia, to promote Müller the testimony of wanted to beat up their cause.



“In their desperate effort to your Russia consultation hoax, your conspiracy theories alive as long as possible, Chairman Jerry Nadler of the legal Committee, and the Intel chair Adam ‘The Fig’ ship, forcing Bob Mueller testimony in public on Capitol Hill.”

Hannity claimed Rep. Schiff, D-Calif., in his capacity as house Intelligence Committee chairman, has been monitoring a further investigation was unnecessary badgering trump.

“The cowardly ship is the implementation of a separate sixth investigation,” he said, marking the work of the California legislature colleague, “Jerry’s summons to party.”

He continued: “This is harassment. You should worry about what is a desperate situation at the border.

“You are not doing anything to help the American people. You have no agenda, which is going to solve our problems.”

In view of that statement, Hannity said Democrats have been satisfied, rather than to the point to Trump, and accuse him of collusion in spite of the Russia-study conclusions.

“It is a card that you keep, said to play over and over again-Russia, Russia, Russia,” he said.


While Müller in the Capitol, the Republicans should take the opportunity to grill get him, Hannity.

“The Republicans should focus on the litany of what open-ended questions, we have a preview of the program last night”, he said. “The political bias, the state attorney failed, policy, conflicts of interest.”

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