Handbalsters win the game for ease-of-Spain (closed)

The Dutch handbalsters Tuesday at Cuba’s second win in the group stage of the world CHAMPIONSHIP, was booked. The orange prevailed with a 51-23. Read more in our liveblog.

  • Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP
  • The Netherlands, Cuba, 51-23
  • The orange will win

Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP · Tuesday at 13:57Tess Western look, after the victory of the handbalsters on the Road (51-23) to the rest of the morning.

And that makes two!🔥 We’ve won against Cuba with a 51-23 and now I’m really looking forward to our rest day tomorrow! ☺️ #endantegenservie #spannond #enweerdoor #heelveelhandbal #inheelweinigtijd #hoorterbij #oranjeboooooven #blauwbeneden #opdezefotodan

AvatarAuteurtessiewesterMoment of plaatsen13:34 am – december 3, 2019WK’s handball Tuesday at 09:04 amThe handbalsters of Orange, thanks to the big win in Cuba was shared with the lead in group A at the world cup. Norway and Serbia are, just like the Netherlands, with four of the points, but later on Tuesday it was still possible. The top three countries for the total of four groups of four teams qualify for the hoofdronde.

1. Norway 2-4 (83-36)
2. The netherlands, 3-4 (112-83)
3. Serbia is 2 to 4 (78-52)
4. Slovenia in 2-2 (52-62)
5. Angola 2-0 (53-67)
6. Cuba, 3-0 (66-144)handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 08:28 amHandbalvrouwen else is very weak in Cuba
The Dutch handbalvrouwen books-at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in Japan, its second win in three group stage matches. The team of head coach Leo Mayonnade beat it null and void in Cuba, with less than 51-23. Angela Malestein, with eleven goals scored on behalf of the Orange. Lois Abbingh will take up ten goals on their behalf. The world cup for the Netherlands on Thursday to resume a match against Serbia and montenegro.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 08:2560′ – Goal’s number to fifty (!) it is a fact, and it is made by the Dione Housheer.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 08:2358 united states, it is not the first of this world cup, with large numbers in Cuba are going to win. Rather have lost to the Cuban women more than that of Serbia (46-27), and Norway (47-16). Orange leads has 49-23.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 08:21 andWith only eleven goals scored, it is Angela Malestein today’s top goal scorer of the Orange.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 08:1955′ Van der Heijden does have a role to play in the pocket: 46-22.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 08:1854 ” Smith gets up and raises the state to a 44-22 on.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 08:1652 With her eleventh goal Malestein it 42-21 on.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 08:1351′ Fur, rushes in and makes a 41-21 on.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 08:1349, ” Despite the great attack of the defense, to the frustration of the keepster Tess Wester, a lot that is wrong with the colour Orange. Also in Cuba, to pass through the threshold of the twenty goals scored: 39-20.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 08:0947′, Also Lois Abbingh is going to be the double-digit growth continuing. With her ninth goal, and they 35-19 on.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 08:0543′, Because it is the tenth of a point for Angela Malestein. The orange, led by 33-18.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 08:0040′ There is no one to hold on to in But. By Smith, and Malestein is a 31-16 lead eventually.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 07:5939′ Malestein makes you beautiful, two lightning-fast goals in a row. The netherlands is leading 29-16.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 07:5737′ Goal number eight for Abbingh, who are in the position to 27-15 draw.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 07:5535, ” Over the Housheer, and Snelder, runs, Orange to 25-14.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 07:5333′ Estavana Polman on behalf of the Orange in the first half and knows how to score: 22-13.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 07:5131, ” The first goal is scored after the interval is created by Cuba: 22-12 through.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 07:49 pm

Halfway through the match, with Cuba’s state – @nedteamhandbal with a 22-11 for it. #wk2019 #nedteamhandbal #nedcub #ziggosport

AvatarAuteurZiggo SportMoment of plaatsen07:48 pm – december 3, 2019WK’s handball Tuesday at 07:4931 Orange, and Cuba to enter the field at the start of the second half.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 07:38 andIt has been quiet in the But. Thanks to seven goals from Lois Abbingh is the Orange half way up a 22-11 lead eventually.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 07:3530′ At the start of the rest makes up with Laura van der Heijden’s first goal of the game is also yet to 22-11 on.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 07:3329′ Goal number seven for Abbingh, and Orange, and has been for twenty-one ” were made: 20-11.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 07:29

🤾♀️On what the score ends up @nedteamhandbal against Cuba? This open outbreak leads to a nice goal by @Jessy_kramer
#wk2019 #nedteamhandbal #nedcub #ziggosport

AvatarAuteurZiggo SportMoment of plaatsen07:28 – december 3, 2019WK’s handball Tuesday at 07:2926′ Fur jumps out of the circle, and pull out the stand at 19-8.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 07:2623′ Goal number five for Lois Abbingh, who, 17-7, or whatever.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 07:2119′ We, Who scores her first goal of the day, and to make it 14-6 on.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 07:1917 the united states makes ground beef of the country. By Housheer, and Malestein picks up the Orange to a 13-5 lead eventually.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 07:17 and16′, the Netherlands has, as expected, have little to fear from Cuba. By Abbingh and Housheer passes the Orange to an 11-4 lead eventually.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 07:1412′, With her second goal of the day is Lois Abbingh’s 8-3, for its own account. By Van Wetering goes Orange for a half a minute later, off to a 9-3 that Cuba is in a time-out and submit an application.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 07:1211 With a shot from the circle in Cuba there are three sets, 6-3, but once again, it is Malestein, who, shortly after the 7-3 taking care of.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday, 07:119, ” The Cuban wives by Rizo Gómez, at 2 to 4, but the tegenstoot make Malestein there are 5 to 2 on. Twenty seconds later, makes Housheer even 6-2.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 07:087 After a snappy opening, it has been for a number of minutes to wait for a goal. Orange is leading with 4-1.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 07:043, ” The Cuban women, to make a quick, but by Abbing, and Malestein (2) takes the Netherlands to an early 4-1-lead.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 07:031 ” The duel will begin, and within fifteen seconds of opening, Orange by Dione Housheer the score.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday at 07:01 pmAmber started the world cup on Saturday only with a defeat against Slovakia, but rebounded yesterday with a victory in south africa.Handball world CHAMPIONSHIP Tuesday, 06:58 pmThe handbalvrouwen in the Aqua Dome Kumamoto is about to embark on their third poulewedstrijd in the world cup against Cuba.Back to top

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