Handbalsters to the semifinals for the world cup by the victory of the Norway in Germany

The Dutch handbalsters come on Wednesday in the semi-finals of the world cup in Japan-is achieved. The orange has won itself a convincing South Korea (40-33), and settled permanently in the latter four countries, with a win for Norway over Germany.

The netherlands should, in any case, a win by South Korea, but it was a draw in the Greece-Serbia (26-26), depending on the match between Germany and Norway. A draw was the team’s coach, Emmanuel Mayonnade off, but, of Norway, won 32-29.

In the semi-finals, the Netherlands Friday, from 9: 30 a.m. on Russia, the winner of the other group. Runner up at the worlds in Norway, which in the Netherlands came out on top, and wait for a spot in the final showdown, an encounter with Spain.

The orange started the hoofdronde with a defeat against Germany (on Sunday) and Denmark (Monday), but still, thanks for the considered points of the first group stage and the positive results obtained in other fields, in the race for the semi-finals, and had won it on Wednesday, and so did South Korea.

Lois Abbingh, who, in her 150th international match was played, with no fewer than eleven hits are worth their weight in gold to the Netherlands, and was named the player of the game. Also, Estavana Polman (seven goals), Angela Malestein, and Jennifer Smith, both of the six hits were on the food in the Aqua Dome Kumamoto.

Head coach, Emmanuel Mayonnade decided against it in South Korea for the first time in this tournament, Delaila Amega for the clash to catch up. The contribution of the 22-year-old’s talent, which is made of a heavy-duty kruisbandblessure, at the expense of that of Inger Smith.

Final Standings Group I

  • 1. Norway-5-8 (+18)
  • 2. The netherlands 5 and 6 (+17)
  • 3. Serbia to 5-5 (up to 12)
  • 4. Germany 5-5 (-1)
  • 5. Denmark, 5 to 4 (-1)
  • 6. South Korea 5-2 (-21)

42Handbalsters celebrating exuberantly after the reach the semi-final, world cup

Amber is running away from South Korea

In the Netherlands in the last two matches had a difficult time with scoring, the team Mayonnade against all of the disabled in South Korea, and a lot more. Within a short period of time, it was 3-0, and, after a little more than ten minutes, was the Netherlands, thanks to Abbingh with six points (8-2) for it.

The South Koreans are known for their speed at the front, it would have little to contribute and were not determined to be effective. The netherlands came in the final offensive, way to be a lot less resistance than in Germany and Denmark, and it turned out to be a projection of the ten-goal difference.

This range was created at the end of the first half of the bit is reduced (midway, it was 23-16, and also the first two goals of peace came in the name of the republic of Korea, which has taken advantage of sometimes sloppy play in the Orange. The netherlands, recovered, and ran for four goals in a row, back to 28-18.

And despite a third penalty from Kelly’s Album, which is no longer in action as it should be, continued to be Orange, relatively easy to erect at the South of japan, and continues to be the team in the race, just as in the last two world CHAMPIONSHIPS – to finish on the podium.

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