Handbalsters score of 51 to stand a chance in Cuba in the third world cup match

The Dutch handbalsters Tuesday at the world cup, as expected, to a hassle-free victory, recorded in the country. The team of head coach Leo Mayonnade in Japan far too strong for the weakest team in group A: 51-23.

Angela Malestein was made with no less than eleven goals in the most productive player on the opposite side of the Netherlands. Lois Abbingh had ten hits, also make a significant contribution to a convincing victory in the Aqua Dome Kumamoto.

The netherlands started the world cup on Saturday is disappointing, with defeats against Slovenia (26-32), but rebounded on Monday with a win over the physically strong and Angola) (35-28). On Thursday and Friday, waiting for the crucial groepsduels, respectively, of Serbia and runner up at the worlds in Norway.

Amber is currently in a shared lead of group A with four points. Norway and Serbia have three points, but they play later on Tuesday, even against each other. The top three countries, out of a total of four groups of four teams qualify for the hoofdronde.

Orange later on Tuesday, with good news in the fight for the first three places. Slovenia suffered a surprising 33-24 defeat against Angola, making the Netherlands stronger in the top-three position.

A portion of the results of the initial round-robin group stage going into the hoofdronde, but that is not the case for the points that have been earned at the countries that have been turned off. This means that the result against Cuba, and possibly also in Angola, do not go, if is Orange, the round-robin group stage to survive.

Position in group A

  • 1. Norway 2-4 (83-36)
  • 2. The netherlands, 3-4 (112-83)
  • 3. Serbia is 2 to 4 (78-52)
  • 4. Angola 3-2 (86-91)
  • 5. Slovenia 3-2 (76-95)
  • 6. Cuba, 3-0 (66-144)

The handbalsters recorded their second victory in the world cup. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Western will pick up against a weak Cuba’s goal, with

Cuba was the first of two group stage matches with a large difference between the Norwegian (16-47) and in Serbia (27-46) lost and turned out, against the Orange is completely pointless. ly because the list is Abbingh and Dione Housheer which led to the Netherlands after more than a quarter of an hour with 13-5 and is at peace, it was 22-11.

The quality of the predicted win was in jeopardy, then the game Mayonnade in the second half, and some stitches. In the first two matches, after peace came, in the name of Cuba’s goalkeeper Tess Wester, had several times in her dissent appear to be on the sometimes-lasting coverage.

After a rather slow start to the second half, Holland was still in progress, but at least the last sixteen of the matches went just three to get there. The netherlands continued to be productive, and it was a success in looking for the government to hit (Housheer), and then Western at the last second, her goal is meepikte the ball from distance into the goal, to be disposed of.

The netherlands ended up in the last two world championships on the podium (silver in the year 2015, and a bronze medal in 2017 and hopes to also medals at their home race at risk. The world champion in Japan and will position itself directly in front of the Olympic Games in 2020 in Tokyo, japan. The numbers two and seven are allowed in the olympic qualifying tournament to join in.

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